The Future of Data

Oracle EVP Juan Loaiza ushered in a new age of declarative intent accelerated by AI. Learn more about his keynote.

The future of data and app dev—Juan Loaiza's keynote (1:14:11)

Why customers are choosing Oracle Database 23c

Oracle Database 23c is empowering developers and simplifying the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a database renowned for its unparalleled support for high availability, top-notch performance, and ironclad security.

This new release enhances Oracle Database credentials as the leading converged database supporting JSON, XML, Graph, Spatial, Text, and Relational for any workload while allowing developers to choose any development style.

All DBAs and developers need to know about 23c Find out what’s new in 23c
Get the benefits of Relational and JSON Document within a single database Get hands-on experience
Generate Property Graphs instantly on relational data Harness the power of Graph
Build enterprise apps 20x faster with Oracle APEX Learn how to quickly build powerful apps
Oracle Database 23c Free Start using 23c today

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Experience Oracle Database 23c and AI in the Tech area of the Hub, where experts will demonstrate the critical features.

See all the technological advancements Juan described in action in the Tech area of the CloudWorld Hub, including new AI feature. Learn how to query the Oracle Database by simply asking natural language questions.

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JSON Relational Duality Views

Document Relational Duality successfully bridges the mismatch between how apps represent and manipulate and relational database.

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Simplifying Data-Driven Apps

Learn how to eliminate app dev complexity by leveraging a complete and simple database strategy to build and run apps that can quickly adapt to challenges and opportunities.

Changing the Face of App Dev with Low-code

Learn about new trends in low-code app dev, how to build a cloud and mobile app within minutes, and how to incorporate low-code into your app dev process.

Property Graph Views

New SQL/PGQ extensions enable developers to easily solve problems that explore reachability and connectivity in data, without using specialized tools.

App Dev in Oracle Database 23c

New, exciting functionalities Oracle Database brings for faster, simpler modern, cloud native applications.