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The Future of CRM: Engineering Connected Sales Experiences

Tuesday, July 26, 2022 | Original broadcast

The Future of CRM full show replay

Introducing the next generation of CRM

Part of Oracle Advertising and CX, Oracle Fusion Sales improves sales productivity and creates better experiences for your buyers. Automation and AI guide sellers, provide intelligent recommendations, and uncover insights sales teams can use to support their customers with confidence. While new cross-functional analytics connect data from every part of the business to deliver complete, actionable revenue intelligence.

Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience
Alistair Galbraith, Senior Director, Head of Innovation Labs, Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience
Paul Mikle, Vice President, Global Sales Systems and Process, Oracle
Andrea Cesarini, Managing Director, Oracle Business Group Lead, Accenture Europe
Donna Epps, Director, Sales Systems and Operations, Ricoh USA, Inc.
Samantha Mohr, Vice President, Inside Sales, Ricoh USA, Inc.

Event Highlights (4:45)

Event highlights video

Explore Fusion Sales

Next Generation of CRM video

What is the Next Generation of CRM and Connected Sales? (9:03)

With a transformational approach to managing sellers, Oracle Fusion Sales focuses on the future of selling and improves upon what clearly has not been working with first generation cloud platforms. Sellers want to spend more time helping customers find answers to their problems. This solution helps them do so by better connecting them to the right marketing leads, using AI and automation to reduce the mundane administrative tasks, and leveraging a simple, intuitive UI.

Oracle Fusion Sales demo

Oracle Fusion Sales Live Demo: View the Next Generation of Sales (8:22)

Take a look at several key features of Oracle Fusion Sales in this live demo. Start with a sales opportunity list, explore the intuitive new UI, experience next-best action recommendations, and discover the next generation of sales automation.

Accenture and Oracle Sales

Accenture and Oracle Sales: Creating the Right Sales Opportunities (6:24)

Across industries, sellers are experiencing challenges like sales effectiveness, business growth, and talent retention. Andrea Cesarini, Managing Director of Europe Accenture, shares his secret recipe for successful sales, technology, and innovation.

Ricoh and Oracle video

Ricoh and Oracle: Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness in Sales (4:19)

It all started with a question: How can we ensure that the right information is available to sellers at the right time, with minimal searching? Oracle and Ricoh partnered to discover what in the product development process could help sellers better leverage technology, directly within the application, and meet their customer needs.

Oracle@Oracle video

Oracle@Oracle: Journey to the Next Gen Sales Interface (6:42)

Follow the key changes and metrics Oracle discovered as it started to roll out Oracle Fusion Sales to internal sales groups. Pretty quickly, Oracle saw 78% of its sellers transitioned to the new interface to help them sell more quickly and efficiently. Watch to better understand the rollout and the metrics received to date.

Sales Reps feedback video

Sales Reps Share Their Perceptions of Oracle Fusion Sales (1:58)

See what sales reps are saying about Oracle Fusion Sales and how it improves productivity.

Take the guesswork out of selling video

Take the guesswork out of selling with the next generation of CRM (2:06)

Instill confidence with buyers, increase productivity, and close more deals with Oracle Fusion Sales. Automation and AI guide sellers, provide intelligent recommendations, and uncover insights sales teams can use to support their customers with confidence. Guide the whole sales process with steps based on best practices, personalize each proposal for that specific customer, and improve sales success with Oracle Fusion Sales.

Do you have the right CRM video

Do you have the right CRM for a successful sales organization? (1:08)

Today’s customers are taking longer to make decisions and even pulling back on some purchases. At the same time, nearly one-third of sellers admit to struggling with critical sales activities, such as meeting quotas and closing deals. To understand your customers and meet their needs, your sellers need the next generation of sales automation—tools that guide them with insights and recommendations at every step, helping you increase sales productivity, drive better sales success, and boost buyer confidence.