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MySQL Database Service—New HeatWave Innovations

Tuesday, August 10, 2021 | Original broadcast

Announcing increased automation, higher performance & lower costs with MySQL HeatWave

HeatWave is a tightly integrated, high performance, in-memory query accelerator for the MySQL Database Service. It allows customers to run very fast analytics queries directly against their MySQL databases entirely avoiding the step of data ETL into a second analytics database. HeatWave scales out to thousands of cores, is 1,100 times faster at query performance than Amazon Aurora, and is 2.7 times faster than Amazon Redshift—at one-third the cost.

Learn about a series of powerful innovations to the MySQL Database Service that will increase automation, further improve performance vs. a number of competitors, and increase the set of workloads that are accelerated by HeatWave.

Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect, Oracle
Nipun Agarwal, Vice President, MySQL HeatWave and Advanced Development, Oracle
Pablo Lemos, Co-Founder, CTO, Tetris.co (Brazil)

Highlights: Announcing MySQL Database Service—New HeatWave Innovations (16:26)

Deep dive: See All of the New MySQL HeatWave Innovations

Demonstration of MySQL HeatWave Autopilot (6:05)

Nipun Agarwal walks through several of the exciting Autopilot features of MySQL HeatWave which help increase automation, provide higher performance, and lower costs.

Increase automation, further improve performance, and increase the set of workloads

Tetris.co (Brazil) (1:37)

Discover how Tetris.co, the Brazilian MarTech company, accelerates marketing insights in milliseconds and at half the costs with MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compared to AWS Aurora and RedShift.

Fan Communications (0:45)

Discover how Japan’s leading advertising network delivers real-time insights for performance-based marketing and significantly reduced costs with MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure after migrating from AWS Aurora.

Leading organizations get faster insights with lower costs on MySQL HeatWave

Tetris.co speeds real-time insights with MySQL HeatWave

The Brazilian martech company accelerates marketing insights in milliseconds and at half the cost with MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Red3i increases insights by 1,000X with MySQL HeatWave

Digital marketing firm accelerates media and advertising insights by 1,000X and saves 60% in costs using MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

FANCOMI accelerates ad analytics by 10X with MySQL HeatWave

Japan's leading advertising network delivers real-time insights and significantly reduced costs with MySQL HeatWave and Autonomous Database.

MySQL HeatWave

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MySQL Heatwave

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the benefits of MySQL Autopilot?

    MySQL Autopilot uses advanced machine learning techniques to automate HeatWave which make it easier to use and further improves performance and scalability. MySQL Autopilot automates many of the most important and often challenging aspects of achieving high query performance at scale—including provisioning, data loading, query execution and failure handling. No other cloud vendor provides such advanced automation capabilities for their database offerings. MySQL AutoPilot provides machine-learning–based automation which helps configure, optimize, and tune MySQL HeatWave. Autopilot uses data and queries from the application workload in the machine learning model to make predictions. It enables customers to optimally provision, load, execute queries, and recover from failure without requiring any human intervention.

  • What are the performance benchmarks and cost savings from MySQL HeatWave over competitors’ database services?

    HeatWave offers better performance at a lower price for analytics and mixed workloads compared to all other competitive database and analytics cloud services. Specifically, HeatWave has:

    • 13 times better price/performance than Amazon Redshift with AQUA—6.5 times faster at half the cost (TPCH 10TB)
    • 35 times better price/performance than Snowflake—7 times faster at 1/5 the cost (TPCH 10TB)
    • 36 times better price/performance than Google Big Query—9 times faster at 1/4 the cost (TPCH 30TB)
    • 15 times better price/performance than Azure Synapse—3 times faster at 1/5 the cost (TPCH 30TB)
    • 42 times better price/performance than Amazon Aurora for mixed workloads—18 times lower latency, and 110 times higher throughput at 42 percent the cost (CH-benCHmark 100G)

    MySQL HeatWave offers significant performance advantages and cost savings:

    • 5400X faster than Amazon RDS for MySQL at two-thirds the cost, resulting in 8100X better price performance.
    • 1100X faster than Amazon Aurora at half the cost, resulting in 2200X better price performance.
    • 7X faster than Amazon Redshift at half the cost, resulting in 13X better price performance.
    • 7X faster than Snowflake at one-fifth the cost, resulting in 35X better price performance.

    All the MySQL HeatWave benchmark scripts are available on GitHub. Learn more at https://www.oracle.com/heatwave/

  • What is the advantage of HeatWave scale-out data management?

    When data is loaded from MySQL to HeatWave for the first time, a copy of the in-memory representation is made to the HeatWave scale-out data management layer. When an operation requires reloading of data to HeatWave, such as during error recovery, data can be accessed in parallel from the HeatWave data layer by multiple HeatWave nodes. This results in significant improvement in overall performance. In the largest Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) regions, a 10TB HeatWave cluster can now be reloaded in 4 minutes compared to 7.5 hours—over a 100X improvement.

  • Do we need to change our existing MySQL applications to benefit from HeatWave?

    No changes are required to existing MySQL applications. All applications work as-is. Queries that benefit from HeatWave are transparently offloaded and accelerated.

  • Do our existing business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools work with HeatWave?

    All existing BI tools that work with MySQL—such as Tableau, Looker, Qlik, PowerBI, and OAC—will tremendously benefit from the query acceleration of HeatWave.

  • Is it possible to do both OLTP and OLAP in MySQL HeatWave?

    Yes, MySQL Database Service with HeatWave is the only service that enables database administrators and app developers to run online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) workloads directly from their MySQL database. This eliminates the need to extract, transform, and load (ETL) from MySQL to an external analytics database. MySQL HeatWave performance for mixed workloads is significantly better than Aurora and half the cost.

  • Is it easy to migrate from Amazon RDS, Aurora, or Redshift to MySQL HeatWave?

    Yes, MySQL Shell makes it easy to migrate from Amazon RDS, Aurora, or Redshift to MySQL HeatWave. Many customers have successfully migrated their databases to MySQL HeatWave. Learn more at https://blogs.oracle.com/mysql/migrate-from-amazon-aurora-to-mysql-database-service-and-start-saving.

  • What is the best way to try out MySQL HeatWave?

    MySQL HeatWave is available for a free 30 day trial. Sign up at https://www.oracle.com/cloud/free.