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Join us online Thursday, October 13th, 2020 from 10:00 to 11:45 a.m. CEST for executive insights and real-life examples of how intelligent service helps you reimagine the customer experience.

Why attend an Oracle CX Virtual Summit?

Take the next step on your journey to the cloud and explore how to amplify your performance and make a stronger impact by:

  • Reducing costs
  • Innovating with new technologies
  • Leveraging data and analytics to unlock key customer insights


  • Hear from Oracle Cloud visionaries and industry experts
  • Hear success stories directly from customers themselves
  • Learn actionable steps to get started on the path to success for your business
  • Learn how to remove complexity for your service team in the contact center, out in the field, and in person

Featured speakers

Rob Tarkoff

Rob Tarkoff

Executive Vice President, CX and Oracle Data Cloud, Oracle Corporation

Rob Tarkoff joined Oracle in 2018 to lead Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud product and strategy across marketing, sales, commerce, and service. His goal is to build products that help companies succeed in the Experience Economy.

Tarkoff spent the last 15 years focused on the customer experience, developing products for both large and early-stage companies. Most recently, as president and CEO of Lithium Technologies, he created the leading software in online communities. Prior to that, Tarkoff ran the Digital Enterprise business for Adobe.

Tarkoff holds a BA in political economy from Amherst College and a JD from Harvard Law School.

hris McGugan<

Chris McGugan

Senior Vice President, Oracle CX Service

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October 13

10:00 AM - 10:25 AM CEST
Mastering Customer Signals in the Experience Economy
Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud CX and Data Cloud

If the Experience Economy has taught service leaders anything, it’s how to be resilient in the face of constant change. We’re currently navigating uncharted territory, and it’s clear that businesses must respond faster and be more agile than ever before. As service professionals look toward recovery—and in many cases, reinvention—they’re more reliant on customer signals than ever. In this session, Rob Tarkoff will share what Oracle is doing to help you interpret what those signals mean so you can meet your customers’ evolving expectations and ensure business longevity.

10:00 AM
10:25 AM CEST
10:25 AM – 10:45 AM CEST
Service Signals and the Impact of the Experience Economy
Chris McGugan, Senior Vice President, Oracle CX Service
Jeff Wartgow, Vice President, Product Management, Oracle

Over the past few years, customer service organizations have been transforming to meet evolving customer expectations in the Experience Economy. But more recently, global dynamics such as the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting reliance on technology and changes in human behavior have accelerated this pace. Customers are simply demanding more, and businesses are scrambling to keep up. In this session, Oracle’s Chris McGugan will share his thoughts on the future of customer service and how businesses must understand the signals their customers are sending to truly revolutionize their customer experience.

10:25 AM
10:45 AM CEST
10:50 AM – 11:45 AM CEST
Visualize Your Path to Service Excellence
Speakers to be announced soon

The performance of your service organization can make or break your customers’ experiences. Changes in customer expectations, compounded by disruptive technologies and increased preferences for digital channels, have placed massive pressure on service organizations. Service teams must re-examine old processes and experiment with new models, moving the entire organization into a state of continuous innovation. But, where to start? This session explores common stages of service maturity and how to transition from a solid service foundation to leveraging data and customer intelligence, ultimately evolving into a service disruptor.

10:50 AM
11:45 AM CEST
Visualize Your Path to Field Service Excellence
Speakers to be announced soon

Success in field service can make or break a business. Field service engagements are inherently complex at their core, bridging inventory management and route automation and optimization with team collaboration, customer expectation management, and compliance and safety. At the same time, teams must meet skyrocketing customer expectations, all while trying to reduce operating costs and generate revenue. These demands have placed a massive amount of pressure on field service organizations to re-examine old processes and leverage new technology. Given the complexity of the problem, it’s difficult to know where to start. This session explores common stages of field service maturity, showing how to evolve your foundation to increase efficiencies and customer satisfaction, and ultimately to differentiate your brand through field service.

10:50 AM
11:45 AM CEST

October 29

Responsive Selling in the Experience Economy