Oracle Midmarket—Cummins Success Story

Cummins Aims for Best-in-Class Social Customer Care
Cummins Aims for Best-in-Class Social Customer Care


With Oracle we have achieved new heights

With Oracle we have achieved new heights of accuracy, consistency and compliance efficiency.

- Dante Monroy, Director Global Trade Operations, Cummins

Being accessible and responsive to customers via the channels they choose is all part of creating a great customer experience. Today, that means having a fit-for-purpose customer care strategy on social media, and organisations that do, enjoy substantially higher customer retention and satisfaction levels.

Recognising this, Cummins, an engineering company, set out to design a social customer care programme using the same methodology it routinely applies to engineering and manufacturing projects: Six Sigma. Simply put, the approach is a highly disciplined method of achieving near-perfect quality control on a given project.

The project team comprised people from different business units and regions, and included an Oracle social customer success manager. It’s still a work in progress, but so far the team has been able to:

  • Agree corporate objectives for social customer care
  • Benchmark itself against recognised social customer care leaders
  • Put a US pilot programme in place

One of the immediate aims is to integrate the existing customer relationship management (CRM) tool with Oracle Social Cloud, which is already being used by the corporate communications team. What’s absolutely certain is that project leaders will be monitoring customer retention and satisfaction levels very closely indeed.

Discover the importance of aligned technologies

Cummins Digital Communication Director Flavio Augusto Caramaschi de Mello highlights the importance of aligned technologies and a great customer experience in helping the company spot new opportunities


  • The need for a single source of truth for, and to standardise, product classification across the global distribution and manufacturing community
  • Cummins needed to consolidate regional efforts into a single customs team to reduce inconsistencies and improve compliance issues
  • Data and data entry process needed improvement to ensure accuracy of information among global trading partners


  • A standard product classification system managed by a central customs team ensured consistent product identification
  • Further consistencies were achieved in the supply chain, data entry processes, shipping documentation and information visibility
  • A system to assess and mitigate global supply chain compliance reduced the number of shipments delayed through customs

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