Consumer Research 2022

In 2021, change became not only a constant but the norm in retail—and 2022 is no exception. Our new research, from surveys of more than 8,000 consumers globally, shows that, while pandemic restrictions have eased, ongoing supply chain issues, rocky economies, and global inflation continue to affect shoppers and retailers. Nevertheless, consumers are exuberantly returning to stores, ready to shop.

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Retail Shopper Outlook: Consumer Research 2022

After several years of disruption, change has become not only a constant but the norm in retail, with no expectation of slowing down. Consumers have become adaptable and retailers nimble—that bodes well for the future of retail.


consumers surveyed globally


country perspectives


regions covering the US; Latin America; Europe and the Middle East; and Asia

Global consumer research 2021

In 2021, through a survey of more than 5,700 consumers globally, we identified the curvature of change in consumer behavior and the vectors underpinning the shifts we see in retail to focus on what is a function of change and what is a constant.

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This consumer research report focuses on how the retail landscape has changed by examining the current inflection point, the ensuing supply chain dilemma, and the following:

  • Browsing habits
  • Buying patterns
  • Delivery expectations
  • Holiday gifting
  • Holiday season expectations
  • In-store appeal
  • In-store browsing
  • Returns
  • Supply chain

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