Vulnerability Monitoring

Reduce risk from vulnerabilities in your OCI compute instances, OCI Registry (OCIR) stored container images, and DevOps Java builds with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) vulnerability monitoring solutions. OCI’s solutions give you deeper and wider vulnerability coverage and integrate with existing security tools to speed up remediation and help you stay ahead of vulnerability issues.

Cloud vulnerability monitoring solutions

OCI Vulnerability Scanning Service

Receive alerts about unpatched vulnerabilities and open ports on cloud instances as well as vulnerabilities inside container images stored with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Registry by using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning Service.

OCI Operating System Management

Manage and monitor updates and patches for operating system environments in Oracle Cloud instances, including instances managed by the Oracle Autonomous Linux OS management service. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OS Management also provides options for discovering and monitoring resources in cloud instances.

Application Dependency Management

Detect security vulnerabilities in cloud application dependencies. Set the configuration in the "managed build" stage of a DevOps pipeline to break the build when risky vulnerabilities are found inside the build materials.

March 30, 2022

Identifying vulnerabilities in cloud container images

Jim Smith, Senior Product Manager, Oracle

Customers need security that is easier to implement and maintain—this is at the core of Oracle’s approach to cloud security. OCI Vulnerability Scanning Service has offered container image scanning via the OCI Container Registry console since its launch in March 2021. Customers can now choose to turn on container image scanning inside OCI Vulnerability Scanning Service for every repository in a compartment by checking a single box.

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