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Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall

Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall is a comprehensive and scalable solution for database auditing and network-based activity monitoring. It analyzes and reports on user activities to help detect attacks and meet compliance requirements.

Five reasons to upgrade to Audit Vault and Database Firewall (AVDF) 20.7

Expanded platform coverage and an enhanced user interface are just two reasons to upgrade. Check out the rest of the blog to understand what you might be missing.

Audit Vault and Database Firewall overview video

Learn how AVDF works to monitor, detect, and block unauthorized access to sensitive data. Understand the top use cases and why organizations choose AVDF for database security.

New release: Introducing Audit Vault and Database Firewall 20.7

AVDF now includes the shadow audit vault server for "watching the watchers," as well as a new default database firewall policy that allows you to achieve a faster time to value from deployments.

Explore Auditing for the Oracle Database.

Explore Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall

Track data access and modification

Collect audit data including user access to sensitive data. Analyze audit data for anomalous behavior. Create policies for auditing and retention.

Defend against attacks

The multi-stage firewall uses policy-based SQL grammar analysis to detect SQL injection attempts and prevent attackers from accessing the database.

Prevent unauthorized data access

Define and enforce allow-lists and deny-lists for accessing sensitive data based on specific clients, IP addresses, SQL categories, and more.

Detect overprivileged users

Monitor individual user privileges and help ensure access privileges match their role. Easily identify changes to privileges and stored procedures.


Quickly generate and review out-of-the-box reports for dozens of compliance regulations or customize reports for specific requirements.

Investigate and learn

Use built-in filters to easily search audit records and network logs to identify suspicious activities that could result in a data breach.

Automate monitoring

Get alerts on suspicious activities. Use the built-in wizard to create policy-based alerting for conditions that are deemed critical.

Almost any database or operating system target

Extend auditing and monitoring with out-of-the-box support for most enterprise relational databases and a custom collection framework for other targets.

Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall use cases

Enforce corporate security policies

  • Database auditing and monitoring

    Implement database auditing and activity monitoring, including tracking privileged user access to sensitive data.

  • Trusted path access for applications

    Ensure that only authorized applications can access databases. Actively halt unauthorized access.

  • Defense from SQL injection attempts

    The multi-stage firewall analyzes SQL statements and blocks suspicious statements before they reach the database.

Accelerate regulatory compliance

  • Streamlined compliance reporting

    Leverage out-of-the-box compliance reports for GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and more to satisfy auditors.

  • Forensic analysis of security events

    Use pre-defined or customized SQL filters to analyze audit records and network logs to identify suspicious activities.

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