Product Tour—Opower Affordability Solution

Find and reach customers with low-to-moderate incomes to enroll in energy assistance programs

Low-to-moderate income customers face difficult challenges

Opower affordability solutions help utilities easily find their most vulnerable customers so they can engage with educational communications to find energy assistance programs and get enrolled.

Find, reach, and enroll your low-to-moderate income customers

Engage your low-to-moderate income customers with a personalized experience they need to use energy more wisely and start saving on their energy bills.

  • Find your most vulnerable customers by leveraging AI and behavioral science techniques.
  • Reach them with thoughtfully designed communications.
  • Easily enroll qualified customers in the programs.

Finding your low-to-moderate income customers requires the right technology

Identify customers who are likely to have low-to-moderate incomes by using layered data sets.

  • View household-level energy burden.
  • Analytics show what channels work best.
  • Include new third-party data sets—unemployment and SNAP eligibility rates.
  • See customer data points, account balances, bill details, and payment history.

Reaching your low-to-moderate income customers requires a personalized touch

Reach your low-to-moderate income customers automatically with personalized offers.

  • Customers can receive and engage with a personalized email and via the web experience, then securely share info to see personalized offers for financial assistance and efficiency programs.
  • Questions are used to determine the customer's program eligibility.

Enrolling your customers can be easy

Make it easy for low-to-moderate income customers to find programs and enroll in them by showing

  • How to access the Savings Hub, a one-stop shop for programs they’re eligible for
  • How much they can save and how to begin the enrollment process or learn more program details

Help your customers easily achieve energy affordability

Influence action with the tools, partnerships, and processes that Oracle offers to find, reach, and enroll your low-to-moderate income customers in programs that save energy and lower their bills.

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