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Adaptive Intelligent Apps for Human Resources Professionals, Employees, and Hiring Managers

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent (AI) Apps for Human Capital Management (HCM) is a suite of AI and data-driven features that reduce time-to-hire, increase candidate pipeline quality, improve employee engagement, and optimize processes. Improve productivity, ensure compliance, and meet organizational goals by hiring, engaging, and working smarter.

Oracle AI Apps for HCM
Hire Smarter icon

Hire Smarter

Oracle AI Apps for HCM helps recruiters and hiring managers intelligently hire top talent quickly and efficiently. AI and data-driven machine learning technology matches job candidate profiles to the skills and qualifications required by specific job requisitions. Oracle AI Apps for HCM provides an AI-generated list of best candidates for a job, in ranked order, optimized for maximum probability to succeed and flourish in a particular role. It reduces the time and cost-to-hire by quickly and efficiently automating the difficult task of reviewing candidate profiles and résumés, and matching the requisite skills to job requisitions.

Engage Smarter icon

Engage Smarter

Oracle AI Apps for HCM helps managers effectively engage with their employees and helps employees optimally engage with the company to achieve higher levels of morale, improved productivity, and maximum employee growth. For example, AI and data-driven personalized onboarding processes could bring an employee up to speed quickly and efficiently and improve overall employee productivity. Other features of Oracle AI Apps for HCM will provide employees with recommended actions that guide career growth through suggested training or mentoring opportunities.

Work Smarter icon

Work Smarter

Oracle AI Apps for HCM provides features that intelligently automate routine tasks, ensure compliance, detect anomalies, and suggest appropriate actions. Smart actions and intelligent user interfaces will guide HR professionals and employees alike to optimize productivity by automating tedious and routine tasks, and suggesting intelligent actions to address them. Examples include automating expense and time entry approvals, and providing hiring managers with the best compensation packages for new hires.

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Product Features

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Best Candidates

  • Oracle AI Apps for HCM Best Candidates automatically optimizes the candidate selection process by identifying the highest suitable candidates for a particular job requisition. The selected candidates are ranked in order of best fit for the job. Candidates that apply for the job (applicants) are stack ranked to be easily reviewed by the recruiter or hiring manager, reducing time and cost-to-fill and improving candidate pipeline quality.
  • Oracle AI Apps for HCM uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to identify and rank candidates and applicants that closely match the requirements of a specific job requisition. The AI and data-driven application leverages data such as anonymized résumé data, job requisitions, and candidate profiles provided by Oracle Human Resources Cloud. Alleviating security concerns, data sources used by Oracle AI Apps for HCM do not contain personal identifiable information (PII).
  • Best Candidates improves overall recruitment efficiencies and effectiveness for recruiters and hiring managers. Recruiters receive an unbiased, ranked list of candidates, surfaced directly within Oracle Recruiting Cloud, that are best suited for a particular job requisition. Similarly, hiring managers receive a list of ranked applicants, displayed within Oracle Recruiting Cloud.

Advanced HCM Controls

  • Advanced HCM Controls automates data analyses and exception workflows needed to satisfy data privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ends insider threats such as payroll fraud, and addresses risks and compliance mandates.
  • Graph-based analyses continually monitor HCM cloud security, configurations, and transactions. Enterprises can leverage a prebuilt library of rule templates or build their own in a visual workbench. Auditors can rely on the results of this embedded security and compliance automation, which remains in sync with HCM changes whenever they happen.

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