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Build the future of business with Oracle SaaS applications

Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications ebook

A business manager’s guide to next generation cloud applications.

ebook cloud image

Business growth and pivoting forward

Recent global events ushered in an era of unprecedented business disruption. So ask yourself this: How can we build a resilient business that’s ready for whatever comes next?

Crisis response begins with recovery. But it's just the start of a process that involves rethinking how your business, your partnerships, and your processes run. That’s how you begin to build business growth and pivot forward so that your business can survive and thrive—no matter what the future brings.

Becoming a resilient company involves adopting change and preparing for all eventualities, which might at first seem challenging—yet the rewards are great.

Doug Kehring Executive Vice President, Oracle Corporate Operations

Build on our experience

At Oracle, we built resilience into our own company by modernizing our business processes in the cloud. What we learned from that experience helps us provide guidance on how to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud and successfully phase in an enterprisewide digital transformation.

Every aspect of Oracle’s business worldwide now runs in the cloud, and we’ve helped more than 26,000 of our customers with their own business application needs.

Get details on Oracle’s transformation

Only Oracle has the deepest, most complete set of SaaS applications for every aspect of business, with the most advanced global cloud infrastructure available in the market today.

Larry Ellison Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, Oracle

Oracle Live: Build the Future of Business with Oracle Cloud Applications

No one imagined a disruption of this speed and magnitude. Capabilities that were once regarded as optional are now essential, whether it’s enabling remote work, connecting with customers virtually, dealing with volatile supply chains, or managing economic uncertainty. The time is now to recapture growth and start building a roadmap for what comes next.

Hear Oracle’s Steve Miranda share great insights and customer stories on pivoting forwarding and embracing innovation. To learn more about Oracle Cloud Applications for Finance, CX and HCM, check-out the Oracle live event page.

“We selected Oracle Cloud because of the full spectrum of cloud solutions Oracle offers. It is really a benefit to us to be able to move away from where we were before, with individual vendor solutions, to a single shared platform with Oracle—planning, cost accounting, ERP, HR, accounts payable—all in a single solution platform. It's really key to our overall strategy of one Adventist Health.”

Matthew Savard, Director of Analytics, Adventist Health

Chapter 1:

Define your future

In times of crisis, businesses tend to focus on solving the urgent issues directly in front of them. Yet many companies are taking a different approach, turning disruption into opportunity by starting a digital transformation. By implementing software with the latest capabilities—and a transformation partner with an end-to-end, customer-first mindset—you can be prepared to weather difficult conditions and establish a strong foundation for thriving in an uncertain future.

Apply these strategies

Use your data to solve today’s issues and create resilience

Work with your cloud provider to select the software that will help you surface new insights. Find new ways to use your business data to respond faster to change. You’ll build resilience for your organization.

Think beyond the quick fix: Plan your approach to the cloud

With so many cloud providers available, you may be tempted to subscribe to multiple providers to solve the various issues you’re facing. But an accidental architecture approach can create data silos that prevent you from capturing the full value of your data. It also makes it more difficult to secure and manage multiple integrations.

Consolidate your applications portfolio with a trusted provider

Look for a partner with a customer-first approach, one who is listening and responding to their customers’ issues. For example, when we designed our Cloud Applications, we listened to our customers and built a complete suite of business applications from the ground up. Applications help our customers eliminate data silos, simplify data management, and better protects their data, even as businesses grow and change.

“Once we chose Oracle Cloud ERP, then the Oracle suite made sense as well—ERP and EPM and analytics and other Oracle systems—they all integrate well together.”

Bill Roy, Senior Director of Enterprise Performance Management, Western Digital

Top 10 signs that it’s time for modern cloud applications

Your organization may be ready for modern cloud applications if one or more of these conditions is present.


You need an on-premises upgrade

Customizations are a very real issue with legacy applications. Many customizations aren’t “upgrade safe,” and every customization or upgrade in your on-premises system incurs extra costs and involves extra time to test.


Your data security is out of date

You’re unable to keep up with the latest security threats.


Taking advantage of new technologies is increasingly challenging

You struggle to apply emerging technologies, such as AI, to your business processes.


Your on-premises systems require new hardware

Your company’s physical infrastructure is past due for an expensive capital replacement.


Your on-premises maintenance costs are increasing

Your system fees and services costs are increasing annually.


The number of disconnected systems and data silos is increasing

Growth in disconnected systems and data silos results in conflicting answers to key questions, added costs, and increased security risks.


You’re experiencing rapid and global company growth

International expansion, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are hampered by your applications.


You’re faced with new compliance requirements

Increasing financial and compliance requirements impact your business.


Your business demands are increasing

Your business cannot keep up with increasing demands from customers, partners, and employees.


Your business is facing economic uncertainty

Your existing business model and processes aren’t fast or agile enough to address remote work, virtual connections with customers, or volatile supply chains.

“By migrating to Oracle Cloud, we have transformed our business model and technology platform, enabling us to double our capacity to innovate. We can process 6,000,000 monthly commission payments 5X faster, have reduced system-management costs by 29%, and enhanced our competitive edge.”

Andrew McGee, IT Manager, Australian Finance Group Ltd.

Chapter 2:

Why a complete cloud suite matters

With a complete SaaS suite of applications built with AI and machine learning (ML) across all business functions, you get the latest advances in the best technology—ready when you need it. You'll spend less time analyzing requirements and integrating, managing, and upgrading hardware and software. Which frees you to be more responsive to your customers and focus on your business.

You don’t have to compromise by choosing between breadth and depth or short-term needs and long-term priorities. A fully integrated cloud suite enables you to bring teams together, create a single source of truth, and experiment with process and business model innovation.

Deep integrations between applications, as well as a common data model, common workflow engine, and a consistent user interface ensure that data is not trapped in silos. Your teams can quickly and easily work together. Business users across your organization have equal and consistent access to the latest capabilities to put your business on a path to reinvention. Collaboration across departments improves and enables roles and responsibilities to evolve as you continue to define what’s next for your business.

With the most comprehensive and robust technology portfolio, unmatched security, and future-proof innovations built in. Oracle’s complete SaaS suite helps you outpace change and be ready for the future. Why deal with the headache of multiple software providers? Eliminate headaches, lower costs, and gain the increased functionality, innovations, and security that your business needs.

We deliver the most complete cloud available today, from Financials, Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Human Resources, Sales, Service, and Marketing—all on a unified technology stack, all on best-in-class technology—which allows you to adopt the most complete solution, not just disparate products that you have to weave together into a solution. This gives you a better experience, better cost, better performance.

Steve Miranda Executive Vice President, Oracle Applications Development

Benefits of a complete cloud suite

A complete business application suite can offer you the following important advantages:


A responsive supply chain

As customers demand instant delivery and more transparency about their products, an agile supply chain can keep you on top of customer demands while responding to ever-changing capacity and supplier performance within your supply chain.

With a supply chain that is responsive from end to end, you can make faster decisions and drive process efficiency while improving your profit performance and managing your working capital. Extend your supply chain with Oracle’s embedded advanced technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain, to adapt to changing conditions with new capabilities.

A resilient end-to-end supply chain embedded with IoT enables you to track where your products go, see when they move across borders, and visualize journeys such as a farm-to-table path in real time. Oracle Blockchain enables you to look back historically to where your product or materials were sourced.


Connected enterprise planning

A complete, connected solution can help you understand how well your entire business is operating at any given moment, enabling more insightful, intelligent decision-making. At-a-glance dashboards, data analyses based on AI and machine-learning (ML), rule-based financial consolidation, and more informed forecasting, modeling, and reporting across the enterprise are all possible. A further advantage is that you can easily model business continuity and recovery scenarios to prepare for the next disruption.


Resilient finance and operations

Technology that frees your finance and operations talent from mundane tasks can bring both resilience and cost savings to your business.

Today, more than ever, supply chain and finance professionals need full visibility and high performance across their applications to make critical business decisions fast. Transparency, collaborative planning, speed, and accuracy are all crucial elements of an innovative and agile supply chain.

With a complete, connected ERP solution, you can close your books in days, not weeks. You can account for different businesses when you make new acquisitions. From sharing information across departments to improving forecast accuracy, a connected ERP solution accelerates insights and collaboration.

Unleash human ingenuity with unified finance and HR

Siloed HR and finance systems create mismatched data, making it difficult to analyze workforce costs, assess the impact of potential changes, and scale the workforce up or down in response to business needs. Bringing your HR and finance systems together will provide your business with the following benefits:

• Break through operational silos

• Reduce integration complexity

• Deliver a simple and engaging experience to all your employees

One cloud can strengthen alignment between finance and HR to realize better business outcomes.


Work made human

Digital transformation is about finding ways for humans and machines to work together to get work done fast. A complete, connected human capital management (HCM) solution connects every human resource process from hire to retire—including global HR, talent management, and workforce management. When systems are easy to use, your people can focus on business resilience and transformation.


A better-together customer experience

In the Experience Economy, using the right data at the right time enables you to give your customers with great experiences. A complete, connected customer experience (CX) solution makes it easier for you to acquire new online customers globally and provide new products or services to them quickly. Deeper data insights can also enhance your understanding of your customers and provide a clear view of front and back-office operations.


AI and ML made easy

When AI and ML are embedded into SaaS applications, you’ll access adaptive, artificially intelligent applications and digital assistants that are purpose-built to solve specific business challenges. AI discovers insights and amplifies customer value across CX, HCM, ERP, and SCM with dynamic decision science. An application-focused approach delivers cutting-edge AI and ML to you with minimal cost and effort.

“For the life of me, I can't think of a rationale why you would go with separate vendors for HCM and ERP. Using a single vendor cuts back on the work, and you don’t have to try to bend one company's product to match it to the other. That alignment is important.”

Jason Ringgenberg, CIO, YRC Worldwide

We replaced 20+ legacy systems with Oracle's ERP, EPM, and HCM Cloud. A turning point for our organization was accepting that this was not an IT problem but an overall business problem. We realized what the cost of not acting was.

Derrek Gafford

CFO and Executive Vice President, TrueBlue

The subscription economy touches everything

Subscriptions can provide a path to greater revenue predictability, so even B2B organizations such as industrial manufacturers with complex goods and services are pursuing these newer business models. Managing subscriptions successfully, though, requires unified data across your business. Only with unified data can you deliver hard goods, digital goods, and services in a single subscription and track, process, and manage recurring revenues accurately and efficiently. Oracle Subscription Management integrates front and back-office processes on a unified platform for centralized control so that your teams can maintain revenue recognition and deliver a more consistent customer experience.

86% of CX leaders agree that five years from now, their company will leverage AI and machine learning to customize every product, service, or offer.

Pervasive AI

Make AI work for your business and IT operations. Accelerate smart automation, eliminate human errors, surface anomalies and risks, get better business insights, and deliver personalized recommendations across Oracle Fusion Cloud CX, HCM, ERP, and SCM Applications.

With embedded adaptive intelligence and machine learning, these applications are ready to go and do not require any configuration or model tuning to deploy. This enables a faster time to business insights, acceleration of processes, faster time to market, improved customer experiences, and competitive advantage—all while reducing costs and improving productivity.

Power your business with Oracle's pervasive AI

Oracle's pervasive AI delivers advanced financial and operational insights, personalized customer and employee experience, and helps companies to address constant changes, be more resilient and agile, mitigate risks, and develop new business models.

Experience the benefits of AI across all lines of business

Human resources

68% of people would trust a robot more than their manager, and 63% say AI has increased their productivity at work.


51% of organizations are already using AI to manage financial processes and 85% of business leaders want help from a robot for finance tasks.

Customer experience

86% of CX leaders agree that five years from now, their companies will leverage AI and machine learning to customize every product, service, or offer.

Supply chain

Users of AI within supply chain systems report an average 25% reduction in fulfillment errors, a 26% reduction in manufacturing downtime, and a 30% reduction in stockouts.

Chapter 3:

Best technology: A foundation for business

As a business user, why should you care about the technology your cloud applications are running on?

As organizations rebuild and recover from disruptions by reconfiguring their supply chains, moving customer and employee engagements to virtual work, and closing their financial books remotely, it is critical to partner with a technology provider that owns the entire technology stack.

At Oracle, we own all of the technology stack that powers our suite of cloud applications. And because we own the stack, we pass our cost savings on to you. Your business no longer needs to worry about maintaining a data center, hardware, operating systems, database, network, or all the security.

Built on our own next-generation cloud platform and cloud infrastructure, we can support customers of all sizes and industries and enable them to benefit from the latest advances in technology.

Connect your business

A connected business is a smart business. Make work seamless using cloud applications that can easily integrate with third-party and custom applications. It’s essential to select a cloud provider with an open standards-based cloud platform that can connect your business without expensive-to-maintain interfaces and integration tools. Whether it’s on-premises systems to the cloud or cloud to cloud, you need to smoothly and efficiently automate processes and share data across your business.

Recapture Growth: Oracle Cloud Applications and Infrastructure

Discover how Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can you help you recapture growth and transform your business.

Security-first design

Our highly automated and secure cloud infrastructure is designed to run the most mission-critical, high-volume, and high-performance applications for customers of any size, and our cloud applications suite was developed with a focus on security first. An isolated design improves data protection, scalability, and performance. As part of a global ecosystem, the suite can connect securely to multicloud environments and other systems.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite enables customers to benefit from the latest advances in the best technology, including industry-leading security, enterprise-grade scalability, and mission critical performance—all in a connected ecosystem. We do it all, so you can focus on innovation and serving your customers.

Simply, Oracle’s tradition is to deliver the best technology to our customers.

Steve Miranda Executive Vice President, Oracle Applications Development


Digital assistants

Build AI-driven, conversational experiences for your business processes. This emerging technology interprets the user’s intent, automating processes and delivering contextual responses to voice or text commands. Discover how many forward-thinking businesses are using digital assistants, or chatbots, to gain efficiencies and offer smart customer experiences.


65% of workers are excited to welcome chatbots as their coworkers.

Users of digital assistants within financial systems report an average 36% improvement in productivity and 38% faster analysis capabilities.

87% of firms using voice assistant and chatbot technology will realize significant business value within one year of deployment.

Data that can help shape your future

Most companies have invested years of effort into implementing the enterprise software applications that run their business. They want to leverage the data in these applications to generate insights and create reports, but most analytics ventures require complex data models, custom-developed interfaces, and highly skilled IT professionals to guide the effort.

An added value of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite is that companies that use embedded reporting within Oracle's Cloud ERP, HCM, CX, and SCM applications can jump-start these analytics endeavors with Oracle Fusion Analytics. Designed for line-of-business managers, executives, and analysts who want to go beyond the standard reporting in Oracle Cloud Applications, Oracle Fusion Analytics includes tools, such as out-of-the-box dashboards, reports, and key performance indicators (KPIs). You can quickly start analyzing your application data to enhance business operations in finance, HR, sales, marketing, supply chain, and other domains.

Oracle’s prebuilt analytics environment complements and extends the reporting capabilities embedded in Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications—and takes these reporting capabilities to the next level.

Oracle Fusion Analytics is prebuilt and integrates seamlessly with Oracle Cloud applications to help you get real-time access to unified company data so you can make more informed business decisions.

“Some of the technology that we were using prior to moving on with Oracle was a number of different financial systems like Infor Lawson, Adaptive, BlackLine, and Workday for our HCM. As we were going through the search, it was really important to us to have a system where HR and finance were both talking to one another. Merging two databases into one meant that we had less effort being put into managing those databases.”

Randy Rothschiller, Chief Human Resources Officer, TrueBlue

Plan for what’s next

In addition to fast, accurate insights, Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) application capabilities, such as scenario planning are essential for organizations looking to increase growth and define their own future. Scenario planning tools and other performance management features can add tremendous value to the financial planning process.

With these tools, you can analyze the impact of outlier economic events, supply chain disruptions, and other unpredictable business changes. They also help you to align plans across not only finance, but all lines of business.

When executed properly, scenario planning is more than a financial tool. It’s an integrated approach to dealing with uncertainty and visualizing the future, enabling finance organizations to build agility and move the business forward. With a modern EPM solution, CFOs can model multiple scenarios, which is a capability that has become a requirement in a time when historical trends and assumptions are no longer reliable.

Scenario planning and related EPM software solutions offer key ways to enhance the role of finance teams—so they can take actions that will drive smarter, more accurate decision-making.

“We chose Oracle Cloud to achieve perfect visibility across all our businesses. Oracle offered the best packaged solution that will grow with our needs and ensure our systems are always up to date. Oracle Cloud gives us access to constant innovation and enables us to benefit from emerging technology, such as IoT, to gain an advantage over the market.”

Jeff Blattner, Director of IT, Titan International

Do you have strict data privacy or regulatory concerns? Do you want the benefits of SaaS applications (speed, innovations, automatic updates, and lower costs), but in your own data center? With Oracle Cloud@Customer, you get all the benefits of SaaS applications in your own data center. No more worrying about traditional IT problems, such as maintenance and upgrades or administering SaaS applications.

Chapter 4:

Fastest innovation

As the business environment keeps changing—quickly and unpredictably—businesses are using software to be more resilient. Cloud application software provides built-in innovation and gives you the ability to respond faster to a dynamic marketplace.

Making the choice to plan for continuous innovation now will help you turn changes in business and technology into an opportunity. Compared to on-premises systems, cloud software makes it possible for you to spend less time maintaining and upgrading systems and more time focused on driving innovation and serving your customers.

Oracle’s success depends on continuous innovation, and we help our customers achieve the same through our commitments to research, rapid development and rollout of new features, and more. At Oracle, we:

• Invest $6 billion in R&D each year

• Have 40,000 developers

• Have 27,000 partners globally so that your business has the ongoing support and resources you need

• Listen to our customers—80% of our innovations are customer sourced

• Deliver regular streams of innovations for our cloud applications

• Deliver more than 1,200 cloud application features across the suite annually—updates are done automatically for minimal disruption to your business

• Completely re-engineered Oracle Cloud Infrastructure so speed and application performance concerns aren’t at the top of your list

• Built a security-first design into every layer of the technology stack, so you don’t have to worry about who has access to your data

Build your business for the future

A roadmap for your business

A complete SaaS suite built on an advanced cloud infrastructure is a good choice to gain business agility and be ready for growth. But the reality is that your business may not be ready to use all of the technology or all of the business processes available across finance (ERP), SCM, HCM, and CX. That’s why it’s important that your solution makes it easy to modernize key business processes and activate application capabilities as you need them.

An end-to-end suite of applications gives a way to move your business forward. With modern, fully connected business processes that are continuously updated in your applications software you don't have to reinvent the process wheel. Yet if you want to extend or create new applications, you can do that, too.

We truly have a system that touches every aspect of our business.

Jyoti Sidhu Vice President of Operations, Ballard Power Systems

Chapter 5:

Build the future of your business

Partner with Oracle: Start your journey today

Every organization can leverage Oracle Cloud Applications. With more than 1,100 cloud applications, you have unparalleled choice through the world’s most complete suite of applications. Built on the best technology, Oracle Cloud Applications delivers continuous innovation with applications across every business function—and you gain the business resilience, security, and flexibility your business needs.

Get started with cloud applications that enable you to respond to market demands faster, present more targeted offers to customers, manage your finances better, and empower your workforce with modern software solutions.

Our sales teams and partners will get you started on your journey to the cloud to build a foundation for your growth and success.

The time is now—your journey to Oracle Cloud starts today.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite

Whether you want to improve an existing or new business process, innovate in one key area, or reduce data silos with a unified suite of applications, we are here to support your journey every step of the way. Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite is a complete, connected suite of cloud applications and the best technology, with comprehensive security, scalable deployment, and high performance for:


Gain the resilience and agility you need and position your organization for continuous innovation and growth. Move to the cloud faster, more easily, and with less risk than with other ERP providers.


Seamlessly connect finance with every part of your business for enterprisewide agility, alignment, and insights. Analyze, plan, budget, forecast, and generate reports by using embedded intelligence to drive better decisions with scenario modeling and built-in, advanced analytics.


Deliver a consistent experience across devices with a single source of truth for better-informed decision-making. Easy access, simple and intuitive AI, and personalized experiences increase business agility and help your workforce do their best work.


Proactively adapt to changing conditions with the latest innovations at your fingertips. Make faster decisions with agile manufacturing and supply chain execution and planning that meets the demands of connected sales, service, and supply chain.


Develop strong and lasting customer relationships with personalized experiences built on intelligent interpretations of customer signals. Unify your systems and applications across the organization to deliver real-time personalized customer experiences.

We know that we can’t sell you software and say ‘good luck to you.’ We are here to serve you. Ultimately, for us, our greatest success is when we see you successful.

Safra Catz, CEO, Oracle

The importance of a customer-first mindset

Maz Songerwala, SVP Cloud Service Excellence and Steve Miranda, EVP Applications Development, discuss how unified customer service helps your Oracle Cloud Applications deployment deliver measurable success.

The foundation of Oracle's customer-first mindset is a unified approach to customer service and success. Oracle product development, support, and customer success teams align within the same organization and focus on common goals. We start with designing products from the customer's perspective. We engage our customers with a continuous proactive and predictive engagement model for support that goes beyond problem resolution and ensures that our customers are using the products according to industry best practices and deriving value from the solutions.

Explore Oracle Cloud Applications

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Call Oracle sales
Cloud customer success

“We were investing 16% of our IT budget in innovation and the remainder in operations. We realized we needed to swing those numbers around. Cloud was an obvious choice for us.”

Jaime Vogel, CIO, AFG (Australian Financial Group)

Customer-First Mindset

Our job is to make your cloud migration easier.

  • We’ll work with you to devise a plan of action to take your business to the next level. Let’s discuss how your organization can build business resilience by using modern business processes in the cloud so that you can:

  • Pivot forward

    • Adjust quickly to changing business environments.
    • Model scenarios and plan for outcomes.
    • Increase speed and accuracy with automation.

  • Define your future

    • Connect data across your enterprise.
    • Uncover new insights to make better, faster business decisions.
    • Grow and scale, easily and quickly.

  • Partner with Oracle

    • Adopt new capabilities to improve your agility.
    • Join the Oracle business applications community.
    • Start delivering successful business outcomes.
    • Create a business case for an area in your organization that seems ripe for the cloud.

  • For more information, visit