Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

Get real-time data access and machine learning generated insights to make better decisions that drive innovation with Enterprise Data Warehouse. Benefit from auto-scalability, high performance, security, and autonomous management, on-premises or in the cloud, eliminating complexity and lowering operational costs. Oracle’s enterprise-class data warehouse solution integrates, transforms, and connects all data across the organization.

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Modernize to meet new business demands by eliminating the complexities of operating an enterprise data warehouse. Get a complete suite of built-in tools for data ingestion, analytics and machine learning.

Enterprise Data Warehouse benefits

  • Power innovation by migrating EDW to cloud

    Move all or parts of an enterprise data warehouse to cloud with Oracle’s comprehensive solutions and migration services. Drive innovation with Oracle’s industry-leading converged technology running on Oracle Exadata Cloud Service or on Oracle Database Cloud Service to minimize disruption with fewer changes and less risk. IT benefit from enterprise-grade cloud scalability, reliability, and built-in security.

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  • Boost efficiency with data warehouse automation

    Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse automates the manual data warehouse tasks enabling IT teams to focus on improving their business instead of managing databases. Autonomous management enables IT to run a high-performance, highly available, and secure enterprise data warehouse while eliminating administrative complexity and reducing costs. Existing Oracle customers maintain the same data models, tools, and data engineering processes, making it simple to modernize data warehouses.

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  • Mitigate risks with complete, integrated solution for all data

    Built-in support for multimodel data in a converged database makes it easy for business analysts and developers to load any data, run complex queries across multiple data types, build sophisticated analytical models, visualize information, and develop secure data-driven applications. With Oracle’s integrated solution, any streaming or batched data can be ingested from any source and securely stored in the enterprise data warehouse or data lakes.

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  • Increase agility with flexible on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployments

    Deploy an enterprise data warehouse on-premises, cloud, hybrid, or multiclouds with a wide range of flexible options. In addition to the public cloud, IT can benefit from autonomous operations in their own data center. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse on Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer and Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer enables IT to meet strict data sovereignty and security requirements while eliminating manual processes and infrastructure management. Enterprise data warehouse environments are fully compatible with existing on-premises Oracle Exadata systems and Oracle Exadata Cloud Service for workload portability.

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Enterprise data warehouse use cases

Easily move to cloud without disruption

Meet increasing business needs by migrating enterprise data warehouse workloads to the cloud with less administrative effort and minimal disruption to ongoing operations. Use current data engineering processes in existing data warehouses and simply change the target to the new data warehouse running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Take advantage of Oracle’s comprehensive solutions and migration services to leverage all the benefits of moving to cloud.

Cloud data warehouse migration options:

Add cloud elements to existing data warehouses

Leverage existing on-premises enterprise data warehouse investments by adding new, cloud-enabled capabilities while keeping mission-critical resources in private data centers. With Oracle’s hybrid approach organizations can:


Lower operational costs and complexity

Make existing data warehouses run more efficiently by reducing the operational costs and complexity. Consolidate EDW resources such as databases and departmental data marts to industry-leading Oracle Exadata, either on-premises or in the cloud. Using Oracle Exadata as a high-performance data warehouse platform enables customers to:


Get more value from enterprise data

Bring all enterprise data together to gain better predictable analysis and business insights—no matter the data type, source, or location. Easily integrate and migrate data to and from data lakes and warehouses for data science and machine learning purposes.


Complement on-premises data warehouses with a cloud-based departmental data warehouse

Extend existing on-premises data warehouse by adding new, cloud-based departmental data warehouses. Increase organizational productivity and effectiveness by empowering line-of-business users with access to enterprise data, allowing them to run departmental analytics and gain machine learning-based insights to drive innovation.


Add machine learning and data science to uncover new opportunities

Achieve better, data-driven, machine learning-based insights to help predict trends and patterns in business data using Oracle Data Science Platform and Oracle Analytics Cloud. Leverage existing third-party analytics tools with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse’s comprehensive integration capabilities.


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Oracle offers a comprehensive set of solutions and migration services to help modernize and move enterprise data warehouses to cloud.

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