Uangel launches new global mobile service with Oracle Cloud

The communications services provider launches its global roaming mobile services on Oracle Cloud, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.


We required a cloud platform that allowed us to start small and then seamlessly scale multiple folds to support exponential growth. We chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to launch and manage our global roaming mobile services and found it easy to use and flexible to scale as we go.

David ImGeneral Manager, Global Department, Uangel

Business challenges

Established in 1999, Uangel is a Korean provider of ICT solutions for local mobile communication services of 4G LTE and IoT. The company serves key customers such as SK Telecom and LG Plus in Korea, and provides mobile communication solutions to 20 operators in 16 countries throughout Asia.

Recently, Uangel launched a global mobile roaming service for international travelers. Although the company was already running on AWS, Uangel’s development team required a more cost-effective option for servers with multiple purposes. Uangel needed a proven database platform that would easily scale with the company’s growth.

We’re highly satisfied with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and the technical support was great. Although we had little experience in AWS, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was totally new for us. In some parts, the UI and features were not familiar to us. So, the technical support was very helpful to deliver the solution on time.

David ImDirector, General Manager, Global Department, Uangel

Why Uangel chose Oracle

Uangel evaluated several cloud service providers that claimed to support rapid and seamless migration from AWS. Ultimately, Uangel found that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) was 20% to 30% cheaper than AWS, and could guarantee better performance and compute power.

Additionally, Uangel chose Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes for its performance, compute power, and cost efficiency to run its global roaming mobile service. The company also chose MySQL Database Service running on OCI as an easy-to-use, fully managed database platform.


Oracle’s hands-on technical support team helped Uangel easily migrate its systems and applications from AWS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The migration enabled Uangel to launch its roaming mobile service at minimal capacity, and provided the flexibility to scale as usage of the service expanded.

Oracle Cloud’s technical support team also helped Uangel learn Kubernetes and other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure features. After setting up the Container Engine for Kubernetes environment to reduce server management costs, the company also migrated its Content Management System,  service logic process, and provisioning process from AWS to OCI. The company also implemented monitoring, elastic search, and logging systems in OCI.

Additionally, by implementing MySQL Database Service,  Uangel is now well equipped to generate more growth and customer satisfaction in promoting SMS and wireless data services.

Published:24 november 2021