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Oracle Contextual Intelligence

Oracle Contextual Intelligence provides prebid contextual advertising and brand safety solutions to advertisers, publishers, and platforms. The technology crawls and categorizes desktop and mobile webpages, matching them to contextual segments for use in digital advertising campaigns.

Find suitable, brand-safe environments and improve your campaigns.

Oracle Contextual Intelligence features

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Baseline brand safety

Access industry-standard brand and custom brand safety categories to increase transparency and baseline control of any campaign. Protect your brand equity and deliver your message in environments that exclude risky content in categories, such as firearms, crime, drugs, obscenity, death, hate speech, and more.

Find audiences that fit

Bridge the divide between risk and opportunity to find environments that align with brand missions, themes, seasons, and consumer behaviors. With 250 editorially curated categories readily available to activate across major demand-side platforms (DSPs), you can engage with the audiences that drive better campaign outcomes. And because context isn’t one size fits all, we offer unlimited, custom brand safety categories so you can tailor your context strategy to suit the nuances of your specific brand.

Protect your budget

Avoid wasted ad spend with a comprehensive view of programmatic threats, such as fraud and invalid traffic. Available in all major DSPs and the CTV Television Network in Canada, Moat lets marketers filter out pages and threats that are most likely to attract fraud. By preventing invalid display and video impressions in real time, you can measure viewability to ensure that every impression counts.


Mazda Austria GmbH drives demand for its first electric car with contextual intelligence

Mazda Austria GmbH and their marketing agency, adverserve, reached the right audience, in the right context, with appropriate content, across the right channels.

Oracle Contextual Intelligence key benefits

August 4, 2021

Oracle collaborates with the Global Disinformation Index to help safeguard ad spend

Derek Wise, Chief Product Officer, Oracle

The proliferation of disinformation online has forced the adtech industry to rethink its approach to brand safety. To prevent ad placements on disinformation sites, you need a proactive, always-on brand safety approach that helps identify suitable environments while avoiding brand-damaging ones. We are proud to announce a collaboration with the Global Disinformation Index (GDI), an independent nonprofit that provides trusted, nonpartisan ratings to assess a site’s disinformation risk, to help you safeguard ad spend and protect brands from inadvertently supporting disinformation sites.

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