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New Autonomous Data Warehouse Innovations

Wednesday, 17 March 2021


The industry’s first and only self-driving cloud data warehouse

Andrew Mendelsohn, Executive Vice President, Oracle Database Server Technologies

Leverage the full power of your data with Oracle’s new enhancements to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, the industry’s first and only self-driving cloud data warehouse. Oracle goes beyond all competitive offerings by completely transforming cloud data warehousing from a complex ecosystem of products, tools, and tasks that requires users to have extensive expertise, time and patience into an intuitive, point-and-click, SaaS application-like experience for data analysts, data scientists, and business users alike. Organizations of all sizes— from the smallest to the largest—can now lower costs while getting significantly more value from their data.

Full Show - Oracle Live: New Autonomous Data Warehouse Innovations (26:25)

Lyft Reimagines the Future of Transportation with Oracle Cloud (1:48)

Our research shows that Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse customers have achieved 63% reduced total cost of operations, while increasing the productivity of data analytics teams by 27%, with breakeven on their investment having occurred in five months.

Carl Olofson Research Vice President, Data Management Software

Faster results, accelerated insights, more effective decisions and actions

Demo - Self-service data warehouse and self-service analytics new capabilities (1:44)

Find out how a self-service data warehouse based on Autonomous Data Warehouse complements self-service analytics. Learn how to increase analyst, data scientist and developer productivity while also helping the business reduce its dependency on IT.

Oracle Autonomous Database - Data Loading (8:00)

Oracle Autonomous Database has an intuitive tool for loading data from a variety of file types and sources, including: spreadsheets, remote databases, or multiple clouds.

Oracle Autonomous Database - Data Transforms (4:00)

Quickly prepare and transform data in Oracle Autonomous Database with simple drag and drop capabilities.

Oracle Autonomous Database - Business Models (8:46)

Oracle Autonomous Database has a built-in tool for automatically creating business models, giving you a consistent view of the data.

Oracle Autonomous Database - Data Insights (3:07)

Learn more about Oracle Autonomous Database data insights tool for discovering anomalies, outliers, and hidden patterns in your data.

Oracle Autonomous Database - Catalog (4:06)

Oracle Autonomous Database catalog helps you understand dependencies and the impact of changes in data.

Explore more built-in self-service analytics tools

A Quick Tour of Graph Studio Interface (3:48)

With the Graph Studio Interface in Oracle Autonomous Database, you can model, create, query, and analyze your data as a graph. Watch this short demo to see its easy-to-use interface for visualizing data.

Introduction to Oracle Machine Learning for Python (OML4Py) (1:33)

Learn how OML4Py leverages the database as a high-performance computing environment to explore, transform, and analyze data faster and at scale—all while keeping data in the database and using familiar Python syntax.

Introduction to Oracle Machine Learning Services (1:28)

With Oracle Machine Learning Services, you can easily manage and deploy your in-database and third-party ONNX machine learning models with a REST API. Learn how to get model management and deployment along with cognitive text capabilities.

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