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Real-time personalization and recommendations

Deliver tailored, data-driven experiences. The choice between delivering one-size-fits-all versus a truly personalized experience is no longer an option. By leveraging in-session activity—along with CRM, ESP, and DMP data—marketers can quickly respond to customer behavior with relevant offers and messaging to reduce customer frustration, cart abandonment, and bounce rate. Combine this rich data with ad exposure insight to tailor online experiences to high-value segments, converting one-time purchasers into loyal, returning customers.

Drive revenue and engagement by promoting relevant recommendations to your customers at the right time. Oracle Maxymiser’s recommendations capability uses contextual and historical customer data and applies machine learning to identify and serve the right item—whether it’s a service, product, or content. With easy-to-use, self-service dashboards, marketers can effortlessly inject, configure, and deploy real-time recommendations at any point in the customer journey—without relying on IT.

Oracle Maxymiser is built to get teams up and running quickly. The full suite of testing and personalization capabilities are available through a single line of code.


Connect your DMP with testing and optimization

  • Connect to any data: Easily connect to first-, second- and third-party data for testing, personalization, and optimization initiatives.
  • Seamless integration: Oracle Maxymiser and data management platform integration allow marketers to deliver more personalized online experiences to any audience.
  • Personalize any experience: Leverage a unified stream of user data to optimize your websites and apps.
Connect your DMP with testing and optimization

Visually create campaigns for mobile apps

  • Extend testing to mobile apps: Extend A/B and multivariate testing to iOS apps as easily as you would for your website.
  • Intuitive visual editor: Create, edit, and publish campaigns for app users without relying on technical resources.
  • No app store approvals or resubmissions needed: Quickly develop and drive a more optimized and consistent cross-channel experience as visitors move between devices.
Visually create campaigns for mobile apps

Take report insights and put them into action immediately

  • Predictive insights:  Provide the answers to how personalization efforts are generating new opportunities.
  • Increase ROI: Leverage native Maxymiser reporting algorithms that provide detailed insights into website campaign performance and visitor conversions.
  • Statistics for the real world: Leverage your data to gain rational insights that can be transformed into tactical decisions to accelerate your business.
Take report insights and put them into action immediately

Eliminate guesswork with data-driven, predictive personalization

  • Powerful, easy-to-use reports: Access interactive, intuitive reports to analyze campaign results.
  • Insight-driven campaign analysis: Use advanced in-depth filter options to slice and dice results down to segments within segments.
  • Access live user reports: Easily access campaign reports—at any time. Filter options let users continue building reports from where they left off and complete their analysis.
Eliminate guesswork with data-driven, predictive personalization

Deliver exceptional personalized experiences

How does personalization help marketers deliver exceptional experiences?
Oracle Maxymiser’s personalization capabilities help you deliver customized messages to a specific group of customers or prospects. By displaying personalized messages based on trends and behavioral data, you can increase engagement, reduce cart abandonment, and gain new revenue opportunities.

How do Oracle Maxymiser’s personalization capabilities differ from other tools and platforms?
Maxymiser gives marketers a complete view of customers and audiences by aggregating data from websites, apps, and third-party sources, such as CRM applications and DMPs.

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Customer Stories

National Express logo

Oracle Maxymiser Sets New Roadmap for National Express Customer Journeys

“Working with Oracle Maxymiser feels like an extension of the team… the insights the campaign design team share are an invaluable guide to how we can improve our sales funnel and they never cease to deliver on the technical side.”
— Ashley Howe, Analytics and Optimization Manager, National Express
PowToon logo

Oracle Responsys Delivers a Winning Formula for Animation Software Powtoon


Animation software company Powtoon turned to Oracle Marketing Cloud to re-engage users through a safe and effective cart abandonment campaign.

Callaway Golf logo

Callaway Golf Drives Engagement and Results with Oracle


Callaway Golf

Discover how Callaway Golf uses Oracle Marketing Cloud to drive personalization, engagement, and revenue by testing promotions, versions, and touches to find the sweet spot of customer preference.

Mercury Insuranc logo

Mercury Insurance Personalizes Quote Funnel to Drive Conversions by 56%


Mercury Insurance

Mercury used Oracle Maxymiser to uncover new customer segments based on data captured in real time from online quote submissions.


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