Oracle Business Analytics for Marketing Leaders

Market with Data-Driven Insight
Market with Data-Driven Insight

Customers expect personalized experiences. Engage them with the right content. Then refine and repeat.

Marketing Leaders

Strategic Insight
Strategic Insight icon Strategic Insight

Can You Attribute Marketing Revenue Across Campaigns and Channels?

Intuitively visualize and understand a greater variety of data and experiment with content and channels to manage campaigns more effectively.

Unified Customer Data
Unified Customer Data icon Unified Customer Data

Are You Able to Discover New and Unexpected Cross-Channel Customer Insights?

Target the right customers by enriching and aggregating all your marketing data. Understand digital body language and predict future customer behavior for enhanced personalization.

Engage Audiences
Engage Audiences icon Engage Audiences

Will Your Next-Best Recommendation Drive Sales? By How Much?

Orchestrate relevant, personalized customer experiences. Test and target audiences in real-time using machine-learning recommendations on content, imagery, products, and services. Market interactively—and optimally—across all channels.

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