Oracle's Fujitsu M10-4 Server—Features

Mainframe Reliability with Industry-Leading Virtualization

The Fujitsu M10-4 server is a compact, high-performance, 64-core, midrange server with no-cost virtualization that is ideal for deploying mission-critical applications.

  • Fujitsu M10-4 Server front right angle view

    Scales up to 4 16-core 3.4 Ghz SPARC64 X+ processors and up to 4 TB of DDR3 memory.

  • Fujitsu M10-4 Server back view

    Ideal for data center integration and virtualization.

  • Fujitsu M10-4 Server front left angle view

    3.4 Ghz SPARC64 X+ processor, with supercomputer technology, provides superior performance on enterprise workloads such as OLTP, ERP, BIDW, SCM, CRM, and more.

  • Fujitsu M10-4 Server front view

    Software-on-Chip instructions in SPARC64 X+ processor hardware accelerate key software functions.



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