Oracle SPARC T4-1 Server

High-Performance Web Infrastructure, Middleware, and Application Development

Oracle's SPARC T4-1 server running Oracle Solaris delivers high performance in a compact and secure single-socket server. It provides a highly integrated platform with maximum security and speed for a wide range of single and multithreaded enterprise and mission-critical applications.

  • Oracle's SPARC T4-1 Server front top right angle view

    Built-in encryption security with near-zero performance overhead.

  • Oracle SPARC T4-1 side angle

    The SPARC T4-1 server features one SPARC T4 processor, up to 256 GB memory, integrated 10 GbE networking, and six PCIe Gen2 slots.

  • Oracle SPARC T4-1 Server right view

    The SPARC T4-1 server helps lower TCO by offering virtualization, security, and management technologies at no additional cost.

Oracle SPARC T4-1 key benefits
  • On-chip cryptographic acceleration provides high levels of security without compromising performance
  • 100 percent Oracle SPARC/Solaris binary compatibility for easy migration and ongoing investment protection
  • With Oracle Solaris 11 or Oracle Solaris 10 you can run Oracle Solaris 8 and Oracle Solaris 9 applications
  • Built-in, no-cost virtualization with secure live migration for rapid application deployment and improved utilization
  • Smart, simple, and efficient design ensures greater energy and space optimization
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