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Adaptive Intelligent Apps for Procurement and Financial Professionals


Oracle Adaptive Intelligent (AI) Apps for ERP is a suite of AI and data-driven features that help procurement and finance teams improve financial performance, optimize cash flow, and increase agility across payables, receivables, procurement, and inventory. Oracle AI Apps for ERP enables the office of the CFO to focus more on strategic initiatives versus routine tasks by automating, operating, and influencing smarter.

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Automate Smarter

Oracle AI Apps for ERP improves usability and efficiency by smartly automating core processes and providing guided actions for users.

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Operate Smarter

Oracle AI Apps for ERP delivers organizational insights and operational agility by optimizing a wide range of business processes. Features optimize processes ranging from procurement to receivables, and from inventory management to treasury management.

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Influence Smarter

Oracle AI Apps for ERP drives smart automation and optimization of processes to the Office of Finance and frees up time and resources to play a much larger role in driving corporate initiatives, optimizing outcomes, and exercising influence over the strategic direction of the business.

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Product Features

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Supplier Categorization

Oracle AI Apps for ERP Supplier Categorization delivers smart, multifactor categorization and ranking of suppliers for optimizing the entire procure-to-pay process. By combining ERP application data about suppliers, purchase orders, invoices, payables, and other details, with external sources of company and business data, businesses gain unparalleled insight into their company's supplier ecosystem. This data drives automatic categorization of suppliers and provides intelligent inputs to AI and data-driven capabilities that optimize the procure-to-pay process. Oracle AI Apps for ERP continuously monitors outcomes and adjusts data science models to optimize each decision the system makes. From negotiating the best discounts possible to ensuring procurement policy compliance, the intelligent insights provided by Oracle AI Apps for ERP allow organizations to procure smarter.

Intelligent Payment Discounts

The insights and smart outcomes from Oracle AI Apps for ERP Supplier Categorization provide smart input to the discount negotiation process. Oracle AI Apps for ERP Intelligent Payment Discounts uses this input to automatically and intelligently generate vendor-specific discount offers in exchange for early payment of outstanding payables based on in-the-moment supplier profile and risk data. The outcome of each offer (accepted or rejected) is then used by machine learning algorithms to optimize the discounting program for a company's unique supplier portfolio and procurement practices. Traditional discounting approaches lack the flexibility to constantly adjust and optimize recommended discount offers. The AI and data-driven discounts created by Oracle AI Apps for ERP Intelligent Payment Discounts use the enhanced vendor information from Oracle AI Apps for ERP Supplier Categorization to capture savings missed by rigid, prenegotiated contract terms and generate investment returns on free cash.


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