Why Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are better together

Oracle provides cloud infrastructure and cloud business applications on a secure, connected platform that helps you run all functional areas of your business. Because Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), you can easily unify security, governance, and data management across Fusion Cloud Applications and your other business-critical workloads, including extensions of Fusion Cloud Applications, new applications you build on OCI, and third-party applications that connect through OCI.

OCI and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

OCI runs any application faster and more securely. OCI enables public cloud, hybrid cloud, dedicated cloud, and multicloud deployment strategies and improves the performance and reliability of enterprise applications. Customers who run their applications on OCI benefit from networking, compute, and storage innovations; autonomous services that automatically secure, tune, and scale their applications; integrated security across infrastructure and applications; and superior performance.

Oracle applications development team uses the OCI platform to build, enhance, and maintain Fusion Cloud Applications. This complete SaaS suite includes enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management, human capital management, advertising, and customer experience. More than 14,000 organizations worldwide trust Fusion Cloud Applications to run their most important operations.

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Embedded artificial intelligence

Oracle provides comprehensive AI services and state-of-the-art generative AI innovations in our data platform and cloud applications—all on our leading AI infrastructure. Oracle’s AI offerings span the entire technology stack and are powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which delivers high-performance, low-cost GPU cluster technology and high-bandwidth RDMA network, which is well suited for demanding scenarios such as large language processing.

Artificial intelligence is embedded across the Fusion Cloud Application Suite to help enterprise customers improve business performance. We design our traditional AI and generative AI capabilities to help produce outcomes within the workflows that customers expect and use every day. And we offer the tight control over data security and governance that enterprises need.

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How OCI powers Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

Unified administration and governance

Oracle Fusion Applications Environment Management is an OCI native service providing end-to-end lifecycle management of Fusion Applications environments. With Fusion Applications Environment Management available through Oracle Cloud Console, the administrative experience for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Fusion Applications services is unified through a single interface. Users can easily manage Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications subscription services, provision test environments, view and manage subscription mapping, enhance security, and extend Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications functionality.

  • View all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Fusion Applications services through a single pane of glass
  • Onboard quickly with streamlined order-to-provisioning processing using OCI native subscription, tenancy, and organization management features
  • Self-service provision new test, dev, and production environments in minutes, keeping pace with the speed of change your organization demands
  • Manage OCI services that are integrated and preconfigured with Fusion Applications environments, such as integration services, Oracle Digital Assistant, Oracle Visual Builder Studio, and Oracle Developer Studio
  • Access OCI native security services and platform features including Identity, accounts management (subscription, invoice, and usage), Tagging, Search, Audit, Events, announcements, and Compliance Documents

Built-in security

Security is embedded in every layer of Oracle Cloud, including infrastructure and applications, to offer continuous and seamless protection. Oracle security services are simple, prescriptive, and integrated, reducing complexity and enabling you to focus more on your business. With autonomous services, you have machine learning (ML)–driven automation that helps you lower the risk and cost of vulnerabilities introduced by human error.

Oracle Security services provides you:

  • A consistent way for you to manage access control to infrastructure, core services, and applications
  • Automation to help you detect and remediate misconfiguration, policy breaches, and suspicious activity
  • Help with protecting your data and applications from malicious and unwanted internet traffic with added layers of security such as Web Application Firewall
  • An enhanced security posture with OCI services, such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Vault with Key Management Service, Oracle Managed Access, Oracle Data Masking, Oracle Cloud Guard, and Virtual Private Network available with Oracle Fusion Applications Environments Management

Pre-built and extended application functionality

As the only cloud provider focusing on infrastructure and applications, Oracle Cloud provides a unified platform that makes it easier for organizations to access and manage applications across all areas of their business, connect and extend applications, and create new applications. With Oracle Cloud, you can:

  • Reduce IT cost and complexity, lowering your overhead
  • Build modern applications using low-code and no-code tools
  • Automate end-to-end processes across your departments, such as recruit-to-pay and requisition-to-receipt
  • Gain a single source of truth across finance, HR, CX, and supply chain processes
  • Support business agility with push-button releases, simpler application upgrades, and less testing
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Hybrid and multicloud interoperability

With OCI Integration Services, you can easily connect Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications to other enterprise applications on-premises, on OCI, or on other cloud providers like Microsoft Azure. With a comprehensive set of hybrid and multicloud solutions, across a growing network of global regions, it’s simple to connect your entire application ecosystem with consistent security, governance, and management.

  • Run workloads across on-premises and cloud environments without comprising on functionality or development experience
  • Meet compliance regulations by running workloads in a particular location or country
  • Choose the best cloud for the best use case

Automatic technology updates

Rated as a cloud applications leader by analysts, Fusion Cloud Applications are updated quarterly with new capabilities, keeping you on the latest version of the applications, database, operating system, and security patches with minimal disruption to your business. These updates give you access to innovations and next-generation capabilities such as ML, AI, and natural language processing (NLP). Oracle Cloud Infrastructure releases hundreds of enhancements yearly. These OCI enhancements are constantly incorporated into Fusion Cloud Applications to help address evolving business challenges. Adapt to change, be competitive, and meet evolving stakeholder needs with a steady stream of innovations at no extra cost.

  • Adapt to change, be competitive, and meet evolving stakeholder needs with a steady stream of innovations at no extra cost
  • Have greater reliability and greater performance
  • No technical debt

Advanced analytics

Using OCI's built-in efficiencies and advanced functions to process large volumes of data in real time, Fusion Cloud Applications distill operational insights from enterprise data. The single, extensible data model and native integration enables cross-departmental analytics without the complexities and cost of multiple data definitions and objects.

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Fusion Analytics provides line-of-business users with more than 1,000 cloud native, ready-to-use, best practice key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, dashboards, and reports. Self-service and augmented analytics reduce the time it takes to gather insights from days to minutes, without requiring specialized IT resources.

  • Unlock the value of AI and ML without coding or employing a team of data scientists
  • Improve data accuracy and security by providing a single analytical model for data
  • Increase productivity and support an analytics-driven culture with ML and NLP
  • Provide a single view of performance across departments without implementing a data warehouse
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Superior Performance

Only OCI offers end-to-end SLAs covering performance, availability, and manageability of services. Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications on OCI scale to instantly meet changing needs or transactional demands while maintaining service levels.

  • Depend on 99.9% SaaS service level availability commitment
  • Speed up implementation by using prebuilt adapters and a visual design experience, resulting in implementation that’s 4X faster than traditional integration approaches
  • Instantly scale to meet changing needs or seasonal demand while maintaining service levels
  • Reduce technical debt for improved performance and more accurate predictions of cost
  • Connect data from your existing application ecosystem, sensors, and devices to create a centralized view
  • Support end user self-service, reducing reliance on IT

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