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More Data Than You Know What to Do With?

Red Group’s CFO has three vitally important tips to help you get more value from your data.

CFOs facing accountability need to take charge of data handling.

Innovating With Data—Securely

Oracle Blockchain Accelerates Cross-Border Banking
Creating a New Approach to Work with Cloud Technology

Relying on agile cloud technologies, Access Power is able to create a hands-on, practical, low-cost approach to work.

Innovation: the Global Report Card
Research: Data Not Being Secured or Exploited Properly

Survey report: Only 43% of finance leaders are sure their data is secure, with even fewer getting useful insights from it.

How to Meet Your Top Data Priority
Tomorrow Talk: How to Meet Your Top Data Priority

Your team needs to turn accurate data into effective insights, fast. IDC and Oracle say you’ll need new tools – and skills.

Keep Track of Complex Financial Data

Using blockchain in Oracle Cloud, Certified Origins proves 100% Italian provenance of its extra virgin oil by tracking every step of its product’s journey. Finance leaders can use the same technology to log critical transactions and data assets.

Data Assets Must Be Secure, Even in a Disaster

NIED keeps its natural disaster research data secure in Oracle Cloud. Even in the event of flood, storm, quake, or tsunami, its data is accessible, so first responders can act quickly and with agility. Finance leaders can secure their data in the same way, so it’s protected from breaches and other risks.

Oracle OpenWorld: San Francisco, September 16–19, 2019
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ERP Cloud Customer Stories

RedMart Expands Their Business with Oracle Cloud

RedMart Expands Their Business with Oracle Cloud



"Deploying Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud with Oracle Consulting, we have modernized and streamlined our financial and procurement processes." - Jim Boland, CFO, RedMart Ltd.
MAS Holdings

South Asian Garment Maker Wants to Flip Industry Stereotypes


MAS Holdings

Watch how MAS Holdings partnered with Oracle to help manage its 90,000+ workforce, providing childcare, fair wages, and a great work environment, as it seeks to reverse industry stereotypes.
DG Khan Accelerates ROI

DG Khan Accelerates ROI with Oracle Cloud ERP


DG Khan

Hear how DG Khan Cement Company implemented Oracle Cloud ERP three times faster than expected, accelerating ROI and eliminating data center costs.

David Jones Transforms Financials

David Jones Leverages The Deloitte And Oracle Partnership To Embark On A Successful Cloud Journey


David Jones

Leading Australian department store, David Jones, leverages the Deloitte and Oracle partnership to embark on a successful cloud journey from E-Business Suite 11 on-premises to Oracle Financials Cloud.

The Future of Finance


Why Oracle ERP Cloud for Your Business?

In today’s dynamic business environments, you need an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that can help you improve business performance and drive operational excellence across the organization. The right ERP solution automates low-value, manual tasks so you can focus on the strategic initiatives that will move your business forward. At the same time, you must leverage real-time data for predictive insights to improve your decision-making and performance management. And you need to do it now.

Streamline Decision-Making with a Scalable Comprehensive ERP Solution

Businesses rely on their ERP solutions to manage accounting, financial planning and analysis, revenue recognition, governance, risk management, compliance, procurement, projects, the financial close, reporting, and much more. Moving ERP to the cloud opens the door to increased speed, scalability, new technologies, and modern applications that can deliver meaningful insights to help you make better decisions faster and shape the future of your business.

More than just a cloud ERP system, Oracle ERP Cloud is a comprehensive, integrated suite powered by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Consistently ranked as the leader in cloud-based finance suites for the past two years by global industry analysts, Oracle consistently delivers tomorrow’s business insights, today. The Oracle ERP Cloud suite leverages AI, machine learning, and enterprise performance management to help you increase automation and measure outcomes more effectively and accurately.

Drive Operational Excellence with an Agile Finance Model

With the right ERP cloud solution, you’ll gain finance expediency—completing processes such as closing the books, issuing reports, and filing regulatory compliance statements faster, better, and at lower cost. Move away from fragmented legacy ERP systems that can create internal process headaches. With Oracle ERP Cloud, finance leaders can consolidate legacy systems, reduce or eliminate the need for customization, and access cloud-based AI and machine learning technologies to build new, more agile finance operating models.

Reduce costs and improve the quality of your service. The numbers tell the story: according to Oracle's Value Realization Report, businesses that adopted Oracle ERP Cloud

  • Improved the speed and accuracy of all aspects of the extended financial close and improved the closing process by an average of 50%
  • Streamlined the invoice-to-receipt process, reducing account receivables cycle time by 30% and ensuring a healthy cash flow
  • Boosted the speed of receiving invoices and paying suppliers by monitoring and interacting with the entire organization, reducing days payables outstanding and improving account payables by 55%

Modernize for Integrated Business Insight and Efficiency

Finance plays an increasingly strategic role in driving operational excellence with new efficiencies that close books faster and improve compliance, security, and data protection and privacy as well as maintaining the more traditional aspects of supporting the business. With Oracle ERP Cloud, you gain access to more information across your enterprise, greater analytical acuity, and real-time reporting that results in improved end-to-end financial management processes.

According to the Value Realization Report, businesses that used Oracle ERP Cloud

  • Increased reporting productivity by an average of 51%, reducing labor hours spent on routine finance activities and enabling staff to focus on strategic activities like spend analysis, supplier development, sourcing, contract negotiation, and supply optimization
  • Provided a consistent reporting environment with innovative self-service reporting tools focused on reducing process inefficiencies, leveraging analytics, and reporting with context
  • Cut costs and uncovered new business insights and possibilities by using Oracle ERP Cloud’s AI and machine learning capabilities to analyze real-time data and perform what-if scenarios

Become a Strategic Business Partner

Today’s CEOs expect their finance leaders to be strategic advisors—to help them find the next big opportunity, come up with new business models, find new markets, and evaluate the profitability of new products. By integrating technologies such as AI and machine learning into finance applications, Oracle ERP Cloud gives finance leaders better insights into the business so they can become the strategic business partner their organization needs.

A global solution, Oracle ERP Cloud supports multiple languages to keep your business in compliance with local regulations. And you’ll have the tools you need to scale your business as it grows. With a modern, comprehensive, cloud-based ERP system automating routine tasks, your finance team can turn their skills to advanced analytics for deeper insights and better intelligence. You’ll have the real-time data you need to exercise more influence on crucial decisions, add value to the business, and equip your company to meet the demands of today’s nonstop digital economy.


ERP Products

  • Financials

      Oracle Financials Cloud delivers a suite of comprehensive and integrated products designed to automate and streamline an organization’s financial management processes end-to-end.

    • See all Financials
  • Procurement

      Oracle Procurement Cloud streamlines and modernizes your procurement infrastructure. Through the combination of automation and social collaboration, organizations can increase speed and achieve higher margins within source-to-pay processes.

    • See all Procurement
  • Project Portfolio Management

      Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud is an integrated suite that optimizes project portfolios, balances capacity against demand, and links plans and resources to project execution. Through an efficient and smarter decision-making process, organizations can deliver on their strategic vision.

    • See all Project Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management

      Oracle Risk Management manages access, automates internal controls, monitors processes, and enforces compliance from within your integrated ERP cloud platform.

    • See all Risk Management
  • Enterprise Performance Management

      Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud is the market's most complete solution in today's competitive business landscape. It can drive accurate and agile plans across finance and lines of business, analyze profitability and cost management, and accelerate the financial close.

    • See all Enterprise Performance Management
ERP products

CFOs Role in Driving Innovation—Tomorrow Starts Today

In today's world, businesses have a choice: innovate, or lose customers to those who do. In this hyper-competitive and always-on environment, CFOs play a pivotal role in defining the future of their organization.


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Did you know? 3.2x

Cloud deployment delivers 3.2x greater ROI over on-premises deployment.

Source: Nucleus Research Report "Cloud Now Delivers 3.2 Times More ROI," 2018 (PDF)

Cloud deployment delivers 3.2 times more ROI over on-premises deployment

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