Oracle HCM Solution—Career and Succession

Talent Management

Easily source, recruit, develop, and retain your top talent with an engaging, social, and data-rich talent management software suite.

Career and Succession

  • Enable career-development paths for your employees and manage succession plans during talent review meetings.

  • Compare employee skills and qualifications to requirements for current or future job roles.

  • Know your talent better with the interactive Talent Review dashboard.

  • Cultivate a strong pool of talented performers for your most critical jobs.


Identify, Develop, and Retain the Best Talent

  • Identify high potential talent and those at high risk of attrition
  • Ensure your best talent is in line for future leadership and critical roles
  • Nurture a more engaged workforce and increase productivity by keeping employees’ career paths on track
  • Understand your talent well by creating rich profiles that include custom content and informal, unstructured data
Customer Success Stories
Kamal Osman Jamjoom Reduces Costs

Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group enables real-time monitoring of appraisal completions with Oracle HCM Cloud and significantly decreased costs. (2:51)

Customer Success Stories
Managing and Retaining Your Key Talent

See how Oracle HCM Cloud enables employees to easily understand individual goals and performance, and drives development plans during performance reviews. (2:36)

Customer Success Stories
Identifying Potential Leaders
Making the right talent investments will also be the right business investments. This brief focuses on five best practices of identifying potential leaders.
Customer Success Stories
American Career College Improves Talent Reviews

American Career College uses Oracle HCM Cloud to capture, nurture, and propel the human workforce in the organization. (6:00)

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