JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Project Management

Take control and proactively manage project costs and billing—from conception through completion—with Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne project management applications.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Project Management Products

Keeping data in sync

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Project Costing provides real-time, in-depth visibility to all project costs and billing with a tailored view of original budget amounts, current costs, open commitments, final cost projections, and percent complete information for each project.

Key Features
  • View of project status by role
  • Incorporate industry-specific and company-specific terminology
  • Customize methods of computation (MOC) formulas
  • Track committed, actual, and final amounts and units
  • Automatically document the change-order process
  • Improve productivity with an extensive range of reporting functionality, including tailored project cost reports, historic and ad hoc profit analysis, field progress reports, productivity and labor analysis, commitment reporting, and financing/bonding reporting


Accurate and auditable forecasting

Create formulas, methods of computation, and forecasts to accurately calculate the projected final amounts and units associated with a specified job.

Key Features
  • View point-in-time financial data such as budgets, actuals, and open commitments
  • Identify detailed remaining project work by project task
  • Accurately assess remaining job costs through current/forecasted unit rates
  • User-defined formulas and methods of computation
  • Management oversight through reviews, approvals, and audit trails

Streamline billing processes

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Contract and Service Billing calculates invoices accurately according to business rules you define, giving you the flexibility to meet the diverse terms and billing methods of contracts and service.

Key Features
  • Recognize revenue independent of the billing process and by multiple methods including "flat-line," milestone, and percent complete
  • Automatically mark up your rates and add other charges such as components, fees, and taxes
  • Apply business rules associated with retainage or "not to exceed" limits
  • Choose from dozens of standard invoice formats or tailor an invoice to a specific customer's needs
  • Use the UX One Maintenance Manager role to optimize your maintenance activities with greater visibility into your work load and staff utilization, increase equipment reliability by viewing equipment maintenance data, and reduce your maintenance costs by managing your variances
  • Use the UX One Maintenance Supervisor role to optimize maintenance with greater visibility into your work load and staff utilization, reduce equipment downtime, and ensure maintenance is completed on time by monitoring parts availability
  • Use the UX One Operations Manager role to reduce maintenance costs by managing your costs, optimize maintenance, and improve the safety of your organization by monitoring incidents and acting upon trends
  • Use the UX One Maintenance Manager, Maintenance Supervisor, Operations Manager, Maintenance Scheduler, Maintenance Technician, and Asset Manager roles to optimize your maintenance activities and manage your assets efficiently

Increase project control and performance

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Advanced Contract Billing improves cash flow and project profitability by streamlining and managing billing processes. With it, you can manage both commercial and government contracts to accommodate a wide variety of contract terms.

Key Features
  • Manage multiple invoicing levels, funding levels, and contract amounts
  • Shorten A/R days outstanding and improve cash flow
  • Improve regulatory compliance by controlling contract terms and conditions, resulting in better audits
  • Set up simple-to-complex fees, retention methods, contract-specific labor categories, and burdening according to the terms and conditions of each contract
  • Increase visibility and control over project finance through integration to other JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications

Manage costs and relationships from contract to close

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Homebuilder Management provides industry-specific functionality in a flexible framework to manage, coordinate, communicate, and analyze profitability throughout the home-building cycle.

Key Features
  • Establish and manage product offerings, including communities or subdivisions, phases, lots, plans, elevations, and options
  • Manage vendors and subcontractors more effectively
  • Manage profitability at the lot level
  • View lot status at a glance, via the workbench
  • Analyze profitability by community, plan, and option
  • Streamline processes with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, in the office, or on the job site
  • Use the UX One Lot Start Manager role to quickly see alerts to minimize delays in home construction planning, evaluate the financial status of all homes under construction to optimize profitability, and easily access sales and preconstruction details of homes

Change Management

A flexible system of interrelated programs that lets you create a change management process to suit the organization.

Key Features
  • Track changes to change requests as the requests move through the organization's approval process
  • Attach related change requests to PCOs and attach related PCOs to COs to create a change management hierarchy
  • Review requests, logs, ledger information, and other information about the change request as a job moves through the organization's approval process
  • Project Managers can access the UX One role-based pages to easily access, review, and act upon important information to complete projects in a timely and cost-effective manner

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