Aman Bank enhances customer satisfaction using Oracle Content and Experience

Aman Bank utilized Oracle Content and Experience to effectively engage clients with consistency and speed, increasing overall response rates by more than 30%.


Oracle Service Cloud significantly enhanced our customers’ experience by ensuring that contact-center agents have all the banking and customer information they need to respond rapidly, accurately, and consistently—and through each client’s preferred channel.

Mukhtar EshiliCEO, Aman Bank for Commerce & Investment Ltd.

Business challenges

Aman Bank, a privately owned, full-service universal bank specializing in retail and corporate banking, has 37 branches throughout Libya and more than 1 million accounts under management. One of Aman’s underlying philosophies is development—whether in terms of financial position or expanding its services and competitive capabilities.
To increase its service quality and customer engagement, the bank was looking for a best-of-breed, centralized solution for its contact center, which would enable it to deliver faster, better-quality interactions through a range of channels.
The bank also wanted to reduce the time needed to resolve customer queries and complaints by providing contact-center agents with all relevant customer and banking data at their fingertips, instead of needing to contact various branches and banking divisions to verify information and documents before responding.

Another goal was to enhance customer engagement by enabling clients to conduct a range of banking activities online, and by empowering them to communicate with the bank whenever, wherever, and however they chose.

In addition, Aman Bank wanted to improve customer satisfaction by logging and monitoring each service request and ensuring it is attended to and closed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Finally, the bank hoped to manage and store all client documents on a centralized system to enable easy access for staff and customers while maintaining the bank’s commitment to security and confidentiality.

We chose Oracle Service Cloud due to its excellent fit for our diverse banking needs, and Oracle’s demonstrated decades-long commitment to customer service. From ensuring 24/7 support for our client services to facilitating our technical innovation, Oracle is a name we can trust.

Khemais ChanguelCIO, Aman Bank for Commerce & Investment Ltd.

Why Aman Bank for Commerce and Investment chose Oracle

Aman Bank selected Oracle CX Service to automate processes on a centralized, omnichannel platform—enabling the bank’s 30 contact-center agents to rapidly and effectively engage clients 24/7 using their preferred communication method.

It also chose Oracle Content and Experience as a centralized document repository—enabling customers to securely access and digitally manage a variety of documents, such as forms for opening a new account or letters of credit, without needing to visit a local branch or send sensitive documents via email.


After migrating to Oracle, Aman Bank increased speed, relevance, and consistency of responses to customer queries by providing contact-center agents with a unified platform integrating email, chat, and computer telephony integration technology with Aman’s core banking solution and more than 100 knowledge bases.

The bank also improved strategic management of customer service and contact-center operations by logging and tracking each customer interaction—enabling managers to rapidly identify and anticipate the banking issues most frequently faced by customers and take appropriate action.

Oracle helped Aman Bank enhance connectivity and customer engagement by making it easy for clients to contact the bank through the channel of their choice—increasing response rates by 30%, while also improving customer service by installing an intuitive chat facility on the bank’s website, sparking an array of commendations from retail and corporate clients.

The bank's ability to closely monitor all customer queries and complaints and ensure they were attended to and closed within the time specified in the bank’s service-level agreements helped ensured zero open incidents.

Also, Aman Bank reduced time to resolve queries by enabling agents to instantly identify a client’s authenticity without needing to ask them a variety of security-related questions—for example, when ordering a new credit card or requesting the change of a personal identification number.

Operating costs dropped after Aman Bank automated processes on a cloud platform, thereby maximizing contact center agent time, while also minimizing infrastructure and support costs.


For its Oracle CX Service implementation, Aman Bank selected Oracle Partner Caritor Solutions because of its previous customer successes and its commitment to serve Aman both onsite and offshore. Caritor conducted the integration between Oracle Service Cloud and the bank’s on-premises technology—including its core banking system—and performed customizations to facilitate the user experience in Arabic. The implementation was completed on time and to the agreed-upon scope.
Published:July 30, 2018