BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe lifts and shifts ERP to Oracle Cloud

By moving from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, BANDAI NAMCO upgraded their ERP system, cut hardware costs, and achieved their long-time goal of having a disaster recovery installation in the cloud.


Business challenges

Decide whether to upgrade a highly customized enterprise resource planning (ERP) system by remaining on-premises or move to a hosted cloud solution

Ensure that the choice of future hosting platform results in conservation of in-house customizations to the existing ERP system and a smooth transition to the latest versions of Oracle E-Business Suite

Establish a business continuity plan that for the first time includes a true disaster recovery set-up complying with corporate policies and ensuring uninterrupted business

Advance the information technology strategy -- “Go to the Cloud” -- and its technological environment -- Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) -- for maximum business benefit

Why BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe S.A.S. Chose Oracle

“We picked Oracle over similar offers to increase our visibility into the vendor’s long-term licensing policy for those applications that we run on Oracle IaaS. Oracle’s engagement and the provision of a dedicated and competent Customer Success Manager have been key for the success of our project. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a robust, secure, and performant environment where we have been able to deploy Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 and its customizations while setting up a disaster recovery site. The new environment will enter into production in April 2019.”
—David Aubert, CIO & Innovation Project Leader, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe S.A.S.


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe selected Oracle Cloud and within 3 months obtained an Oracle Cloud center test and development environment for carrying out its on-premises migration ahead of the scheduled go-live date. It was assisted in this phase by an Oracle Customer Success Manager.

Supported growth in operations and business development across Europe, Asia, and Australia by moving Oracle E-Business Suite modules, through upgrade and redeployment, onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, additionally gaining a disaster recovery plan, secure backup facilities, and cost savings.

Rolled out a disaster recovery plan and secured backups in the Oracle Cloud while keeping costs under control

Achieved business enhancement goals by selecting Oracle IaaS as the pre-production lift-and-shift platform for upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite without discarding customizations

Implemented a disaster recovery facility that complies with corporate policy on business continuity and enables the company to switch within 15 minutes to the recovery site in case of a major outage in the production data center

Took advantage of Oracle’s Bring Your Own License offer for moving on-premises applications to Oracle Cloud at no cost, enjoying automatic replication between data centers with full backup and recovery capabilities, and ensuring that 11 entertainment franchise businesses across Europe, Asia, and Australia have reliable and secure access to the latest Oracle E-Business Suite

Overcame internal preferences to remain on-premises with concomitant hardware expenditure costs by reaping the benefits of serving 280 users in 11 entertainment operational units 24/7 with cloud-based, secure, and high-performance business software on Oracle IaaS—becoming an early adopter of Oracle IaaS in France

Eliminated expenditure on server purchases

Upgraded to the latest version of Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle IaaS, enjoying once again the frequent updates and enhancements abandoned over the years, and giving staff access to the latest functionality for their critical daily work

Accelerated the deployment of Oracle E-Business Suite by establishing development environments within the Oracle Cloud in less than 3 months, allowing the secure development of technical and functional components for the migration

Chose Oracle due to its willingness to partner for the long term, and the business gains offered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for moving not only the ERP system but also complementary systems such as business intelligence, data warehousing, and third-party applications, in the future


Oracle Gold Partner Lojelis was contracted for the installation of Oracle E-Business Suite, providing more than 1,200 labor hours for redevelopment of the customer’s business flows and exploitation of the product’s enhancements. Lojelis, a French consulting firm specializing in enterprise applications, has a staff of 50 providing a complete range of implementation and integration services.

Oracle Partner Digora was hired to handle the technical platform, implementing the applications and databases and setting up the disaster recovery site, while also ensuring smooth migration in advance of the go-live deadline. Digora managed BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe’s applications and systems for 10 years under a managed services contract. The company specializes in implementing and managing complex infrastructure.
“We are very pleased to support BANDAI NAMCO in this strategic migration project to Oracle Cloud. Three months were enough for our teams to implement an operational platform and start the first developments, which illustrates the robustness of this new offer,” said Gilles Knoery, CEO of Digora.
Published:September 3, 2019