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SKY Brasil expands its reach with Oracle Cloud

In a country as diverse as Brazil, effective marketing must be highly customized. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse helps SKY Brasil perform real-time marketing analytics for millions of customers.

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About the customer

Covering a vast nation

Brazil is a huge and diverse country. While nearly 90% of the population lives in urban areas, millions are in small towns and villages, often hundreds of miles from major cities. Thanks to SKY Brasil, all those homes can be served with satellite services including prepaid and postpaid TV, movie rentals, video on demand, satellite radio, and 4G Internet connection in some regions of the country.

Established in 1996, SKY Brasil relies on sophisticated marketing techniques to reach new customers and to customize offerings for its 4.7 million subscribers, as well as to reach new customers. The company aims to be an entertainment and convenience center for all Brazilians.

SKY Brasil has a 29% market share for direct-to-home satellite services, making it the largest provider in the country for this type of service.

In a country the size of a continent, such as Brazil...access to information is a privilege. But information is knowledge, information is power. Therefore, this situation needs to change.
Alberto Camardelli, CIO, SKY Brasil

Customer Story

More agility, less cost

Reaching the right customers at the right time is not easy, especially in Brazil, which has which has continental dimensions. For satellite-services provider SKY Brasil, customizing products was a real challenge.

Today, SKY Brasil can perform real-time, sophisticated marketing analytics with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, tapping into Oracle's Siebel CRM, which manages subscriber information.

The company set up the "self-driving" autonomous database and got it into production in 90% less time than its previous on-premises environment— realizing a 60% infrastructure cost savings.

And because Oracle Autonomous Database maintains itself with nearly zero downtime, SKY Brasil's IT team can dedicate more resources to data modeling instead of infrastructure management. Meanwhile, the marketing and product team can launch and scale up campaigns at any time, without worries about system availability, capacity, or straining scarce IT resources.

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Oracle Autonomous Database

SKY Brasil’s IT team spends 90% less time on database maintenance tasks with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

In addition to the high performance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the adoption of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse has streamlined processes and enabled us to reach our customers with the right offering at the right time.

André Nazare, IT Director, SKY Brasil