JNE resolves logistical challenges, improves system downtime with Oracle Management Cloud

JNE prevents outages with Oracle Management Cloud and AI


JNE Express is a leading shipping and logistics company that serves the nation of Indonesia. Its mission is to take on the difficult challenges involved with operating an express delivery service across this Pacific island network.

JNE’s operations division strives to provide a highly responsive IT service to its customers by leveraging artificial intelligence for IT operations. Specifically, JNE works to identify problems before they occur and proactively solve them. In the past, JNE struggled to address unplanned downtime by quickly identifying the root cause of logistical issues.

Using Oracle Management Cloud’s anomaly detection and forecasting capabilities, JNE achieved end-to-end visibility across their entire database infrastructure. The organization increased uptime without a corresponding increase in human effort and has achieved a 100 percent payback on their investment within the first 12 months.


Business challenges

  • Anticipate the problem before it happens
  • Intelligent anomaly detection
  • Capacity planning and forecasting


  • 99.86 percent database uptime after using Oracle Management Cloud
  • 70 percent average application performance improvement
  • 70 percent reduction in customer complaints
Published:January 15, 2020