Tamara cuts costs, speeds performance with MySQL HeatWave and Oracle Cloud

Middle East and North African fintech moves to MySQL HeatWave, reducing costs more than 60% and tripling performance for many queries.


Business challenges

Tamara is a leading fintech in the Middle East and North Africa region with a mission to empower people to shop by providing an honest, transparent, and inclusive financial solution. Tamara’s buy now, pay later mobile app enables consumers to split charges into three payments with no fees or interest.

As a startup, Tamara needed to find a platform for application development and data management that was cost effective, easy to use, and scalable. The company was growing fast and quickly adding data sources. Demand for the company’s detailed, segmented business analysis was increasing from business users and merchants. Complex queries were not processing. Additionally, Tamara considered migrating its MySQL database workloads to a new cloud provider due to local regulations in Saudi Arabia for data residency.

Why Tamara chose Oracle

To improve to performance, cost, and scalability, Tamara choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with Oracle MySQL HeatWave, the in-memory query acceleration engine for MySQL Database Service in OCI. MySQL HeatWave eliminates the need to move data from an Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database to separate analytics software, which requires complex Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes and tools.  

The Oracle for Startups program simplified costs and provided entrepreneurial support for growth.


By using MySQL HeatWave, Tamara IT staff no longer needed ETL tools to move data from the MySQL Database, reducing costs by more than 60%. In-memory processing significantly accelerated many complex queries three times faster using in-memory processing. 

Because the faster MySQL HeatWave data warehouse processes complex queries in a reasonable time, delivering real-time intelligence, Tamara management can better analyze and understand customer behavior to continuously improve its application with rapid development. 

With OCI, Tamara has grown its client base to more than 2 million users and onboarded 3,000 unique merchants for a seamless and trusted ecosystem online and offline.  Merchants benefit from increased sales and cash flow. Customers shop anywhere with more confidence and flexibility for a better experience.

Published:March 29, 2022