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Brand safety

Deliver campaigns in brand safe and suitable environments in socially responsible ways that align with your unique needs. With the combination of pre- and post-bid blocking and measurement—backed with our contextual intelligence and Oracle Moat measurement solutions—you are supported every step of the way.

Brand Safety Strategy: How to Build and Protect Your Reputation.

Learn to build a proactive brand safety strategy that amplifies your brand values, protects your image, and connects with customers.

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Forrester reveals the benefits of using Oracle Moat Analytics and Contextual Intelligence to monitor and improve brand safety.

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Discover the benefits companies can achieve—including improved budgeting efficiency, higher returns, and cost avoidance/savings—by using Oracle Moat.

Forrester Total Economic Impact of Oracle Contextual Intelligence

Discover the benefits of using Oracle Advertising to monitor and improve brand safety and overall performance.

Customizable end-to-end brand safety solution

Different campaigns have different brand safety tolerances. With some, you must strictly align to industry standards, while others provide more flexibility. Customize your brand safety approach to reach your campaign impression delivery goals and access quality, brand-suitable inventory.

Brand safety—industry-aligned protection

Avoid typical brand safety risks, reduce wasted spend, and better align to industry standards with Oracle’s foundational brand safety solution. Have confidence that your advertisements are delivered in safe environments, avoid unsavory content, and know that you are accessing quality inventory.

Our brand safety solution spans pre-bid, post-bid, and measurement.


Serve your ads in safe environments with standard segments, IVT, and viewability.


Protect campaigns in flight using standard blocking and tiered brand safety.


Identify issues and optimize campaigns using standard segment measurement and tiered brand safety.

Brand suitability—brand-aligned customization

Take a more customized approach and have more control over brand safety. Every brand is different, so you should use a unique combination of tactics to better align with brand-positive content while avoiding risky content.

Create custom categories to support your unique needs as well as your tolerance thresholds. Improve campaign reach by combining several facets of our end-to-end solutions.

Our brand-suitability solution provides customizable, end-to-end protection and key insights to optimize campaigns. Get the support you need every step of the way, from the segments you create for pre- and post-bid blocking to measurement and verification.


Modify protection and positive alignment with custom segments.


Tailor in-flight protection with custom blocking.


Evaluate your brand safety and suitability with customer context measurement and custom unsafe measurement.

Responsible media—socially responsible alignment

Invest in media in socially responsible ways, aligned to your core values. Oracle’s responsible media solution helps ensure ads are delivered through legitimate and credible inventory to prevent the accidental funding of misinformation and fake news.

We can also help you work toward your own unique responsible media initiatives, including diversity and inclusion, environmental, and social initiatives. Our tools let you customize how you define responsible media and amplify your brand values within your advertisements.

Our responsible media solution spans pre-bid, post-bid, and measurement.


Serve your ads on credible inventory that aligns with your brand values. Avoid environments with potentially false information and use brand-defined responsible media segments.


Ensure in flight protection that aligns with your goals through brand-defined responsible media segment blocking.


Avoid having your ads in environments that contain potentially false information. Measure impact and enhance your measurement approach by using brand-defined responsible media segment measurement.

Media best practices video

Define and set responsible media best practices

Learn how to use advertising to build awareness around what your brand stands for. It’s not only responsible but also economically advantageous.

Why choose Oracle’s brand safety, brand suitability, and responsible media solutions

Avoid standard brand and brand-specific risks
Align to brand suitable content
Align with industry brand safety standards, such as those from IAB and the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM)
Increase campaign reach
Reduce wasted spend
Teads delivers

Brand Safety customer spotlight

Teads delivers brand-safe advertising results using Oracle Advertising

“One of the main reasons we use Oracle as a partner is because they’re a third party that is coming to the table and giving us best practices. Brand safety isn’t a stagnant conversation. It’s a moving target every day, and Oracle is helping us constantly refine our approach.”

Meg Runeari, Chief Experience Officer, Teads

Talk to our experts to learn more about our brand safety solutions

MARCH 24, 2022

The case for pre- and post-bid brand safety measures to advance your advertising strategy

Jay Pinho, Product management, Oracle

Ensuring brand safety in today’s nuanced marketplace requires a multifaceted approach that accounts for the entire advertising process—from pre- to post-bid strategies for both programmatic and direct ad buys. So the question remains—Is it better to use pre-bid targeting, post-bid blocking, or both? Keep reading to find out.

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Additional brand safety solutions

Oracle Moat Analytics

Measure ad quality and attention with accuracy and trust

Oracle Moat Reach

Audience-level and viewability frequency ad analytics

Oracle Moat Outcomes

Match online ad exposure to offline purchases

Oracle Contextual Intelligence

Drive scale while maintaining brand safety

Get started with Oracle's brand safety solution