Oracle Partner Relationship Management

Oracle Partner Relationship Management provides a branded partner portal where channel managers and partners can collaborate, share and manage leads, register deals, and create quotes. This integrated solution offers a complete, connected partner experience and helps businesses grow their partner sales channels to increase revenue.

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Custom partner portals

Develop custom portals where channel managers and partners can collaborate on lead-to-quote management, business planning, request-to-claim workflows, and more.

Branded experience

Offer a flexible partner portal for personalized channel management and a branded user interface. Your brand matters, whether it’s you or a partner representing it.

Channel manager experience

Understand and optimize your partner’s performance in a complex and evolving environment. Oracle offers your channel managers a complete view into partner performance and overall channel program performance.

Lead-to-close management

Increase results with a complete set of tools from onboarding to joint marketing collateral to end-to-end lead management, deal registration, and opportunity and quote processes.

Collaborate and evaluate feedback

Access and leverage analytics to intelligently adjust your partner strategy and execution. Collect and provide feedback on customer experience (CX) and channel performance across all your partners.

Partner recruiting and onboarding

Recruit, score, assess, and onboard new partners easily. Once onboarded, deliver approved cobranded marketing material to partners to drive better results. Because time to result is critical for brands and partners alike.

Channel program design

Create a win-win relationship between you and your partners. Collaborate with partners to create efficient, mutually beneficial channel programs.

Recruitment campaigns

Proper partner management means always finding new partners to build upon your previous success. Oracle makes it easy to recruit and onboard new partners.

Partner assessments

Evaluate and determine the best partners to drive the business results you require and desire. Successful partner managers understand the need for constant monitoring and results evaluation.

Channel administration

Channel setup and administration will always be a necessary piece of a successful partner strategy. Easily assign managers, delegate partner sellers administrative tasks, and create and assign territories.

Efficient onboarding

Easily approve good partners, initiate onboarding tasks and deliver brand, process, and training content all from a single interface. Onboard new partners quickly and improve the overall time to productivity.

Joint go-to-market and cobranding tools

Collaborate on plans, provide market development funds (MDF), and approve MDF requests. Identify top performers with connected business intelligence tools, evaluate MDF spend versus return, and assess and revamp compensation plans.

Business plan development

Align your partner plans to your business goals. Collaborate with your partners to define plans for key accounts, top products, and joint marketing initiatives.

Marketing development funds (MDF)

Approve, disburse, and track the ROI of market development funds.

Customer partner finder

Help customers discover the right partner with the customer-facing partner finder.

Customer feedback

Survey customers to assess how well partners represent your brand. Get insights on areas for improvement.

Lead-to-order management

Improve the entire lead-to-order management process for partners. Provide the tools for them to claim, qualify, and convert leads, create quotes, and capture orders more efficiently.

Lead management

Seamlessly pass along marketing qualified leads with engagement intelligence, or assign new leads for partners to qualify and claim.

Opportunity management

Facilitate deal registration and approvals, track progress of partner opportunities, and help advance stalled deals.

AI-guided selling

Provide partners with AI-driven win-probability scores, next-best actions, account prioritization, and smart talking points.

Configure, price, and quote

Empower channel partners to configure and create accurate quotes, and approve them quickly.

Order capture

Enable simple, intuitive order capture for resellers and distributors.

Integrated customer service support

Provide your partners with the tools needed to provide excellent, on-brand customer service support to joint customers.

Knowledge management

Let your partners troubleshoot on behalf of their customers with consistent access to knowledge articles.

Service request insights

Expose service history to partners so they are better prepared to engage and serve customers.

Customer support

Increase customer satisfaction by enabling partners to log service requests on behalf of customers, and collaborate with you for quick resolutions.

Partner support

Improve partner satisfaction by allowing partners to log service requests to get help with their own deals, processes, or technical issues.

Business intelligence and analytics

Optimize your partner program and overall ROI by identifying your top performing partners with connected business intelligence tools, evaluating MDF spend versus return, and assessing and revamping compensation plans.

Performance dashboards

Identify top performing partners with connected business intelligence.

MDF analysis

Understand your marketing development investments by evaluating spend versus return, sales speed and execution, and end customer satisfaction with all of your partners.

Incentive management

Actively manage partner incentives for optimal results. Present partner earnings transparently, evaluate and revamp compensation plans, and reward top performers to incentivize the behaviors that support your business goals.

Partner feedback

Better understand which partners are satisfied with your partner program and which should have your focus for improvement. Easily survey partners to assess overall satisfaction and map steps for improvement.

Key benefits—partner relationship management

01Improve deal results

Connected customer intelligence gives your partners and channel managers a complete customer view so that they can make informed decisions.

Combine Oracle CPQ with your CRM for more success

02Execute successful partner programs

Recruit, onboard, retain, and incentivize the best partners. Use data and intelligence to grow your business and deliver the best experience.

How to set up an effective partner strategy (PDF)

03Streamline partner engagement

Simplify partner engagement with fully integrated lead management, sales, quoting, and customer service support.

Video: Integrated sales, service, and marketing (2:35)

Product Tour—Oracle Partner Relationship Management

Welcome to Oracle Partner Relationship Management

Establish a partner relationship management (PRM) platform so channel managers and partners can collaborate to manage leads, register deals, and create quotes.

Oracle Partner Relationship Management is a complete, connected partner program that helps businesses grow partner sales channels and increase revenue.

Recruiting and onboarding

Recruit, evaluate, and onboard new partners with ease.

Leverage campaigns to target new partners. Improve the onboarding experience with tasks, training, and processes that get partners up-and-running faster-all in a single desktop.

An easy-to-use, convenient partner portal

Empower partners with important information and tools in a single, convenient user interface.

Keep partners informed and manage partner relationships with a configurable, fully-branded partner portal.

Notify partners about newly assigned opportunities, program renewals, and upgrades and make it easier for partners to access and accept opportunities, submit and track transactions, buy products, and receive support.

Sales planning tools for partners

Oracle Sales Planning powers data-driven, collaborative planning tools that build the right-sized quotas to keep channel sellers motivated.

Create plans that capitalize on partner strengths and align with your business goals. Segment partners by common characteristics, such as type, geography, and performance to target the highest performers with flexible profile attributes.

Learn about Oracle Sales Planning

Manage partners with ease

Monitor partner activities directly within your CRM.

Channel managers access comprehensive profiles with company and contact information, program enrollment status, performance, and more. They can view partner activity transaction histories, including opportunities, referrals, special pricing requests, offers, orders, marketing fund requests, and claims.

Pre-built channel metrics and additional KPIs can be leveraged to display relevant metrics with an extensible performance framework and personalized dashboard.

Lead management tools and processes

Send leads directly to partners based on pre-defined rules of engagement and streamline approvals with probability and lead assessment capabilities.

Once fully qualified, partners can convert leads into a registered deal.

Opportunity management and routing

Advanced routing provides multiple ways to drive new business, such as rule-based opportunity distribution, first-come-first-serve assignments, or joint partner deals for complex opportunities.

Once the opportunity is assigned, partners can generate quotes and place orders within the interface.

Easily create dynamic customer proposals

Oracle Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) provides seamless quoting process guidance to help channel sellers easily create accurate and dynamic proposals, contracts, and SOWs. Deal profitability is maximized with optimized pricing and discounting.

Learn more about Oracle CPQ for channel sales

Great customer service, every time

Exceed customer service expectations with connected experiences for channel partners. Allow partners to submit requests on behalf of customers or take ownership of service requests themselves.

Anytime access, even on-the-go

Provide anytime, anywhere access to the marketing tools, product resources, and account information partners need to go-to-market.

Oracle Partner Relationship Management gives users mobile access to core sales capabilities, adapting to the mobile experience and the needs of partner sellers and channel managers.

Succeed with data and metrics

Help partners discover new insights and opportunities by giving them access to manipulate data through analytics dashboards. AI-powered selling tools, alerts, and company intelligence turn insights into actions, giving partners tactical recommendations and next-step guidance for success.

Explore Oracle Partner Relationship Management

"Build and manage successful, lasting channel partner relationships that drive revenue and reduce marketing and sales costs.

Explore Oracle Partner Relationship Management to learn how you can deliver a complete, connected, and positive partner experience.


Support channel partners by extending your CX software with a full-featured Partner Relationship Management solution.

Oracle Partner Relationship Management

external partner user / month1

Oracle Partner Relationship Management helps channel managers recruit channel partners and sell products and services through them to grow their business. Both channel organizations and external partners use Oracle Partner Relationship Management to align their businesses and successfully close more deals.

  • Analyze partner performance to prioritize time and financial investments in top partners
  • Take advantage of capabilities, such as a convenient partner portal, analytics dashboard, and a mobile application to better serve joint customers from anywhere


For additional pricing information, contact us.

  1. Requires customer subscription to Oracle Sales and Service Enterprise Edition or Oracle Sales and Service Premium Edition.
  2. Pricing above represents additional cost to allow external partner users access to Oracle Sales and Service application licensed by Oracle customer.
  3. Additional charge for data clarity. Solution includes 50k records for free and then an additional $10/1,000 records.

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