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Create accurate forecasts and achievable quotas with Oracle Sales Planning

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Welcome to Oracle Sales Planning

Oracle Sales Planning provides a snapshot of quota data, dimensions, and performance across your business.

Create more accurate forecasts, develop strong promotional strategies, run what-if scenarios, and collaborate with data-driven tools and predictive analytics.

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End-to-end data-driven planning

Improve efficiency and build high-performing sales teams with connected intelligence across sales, finance, and HR.

Connect key financial information with pipeline data to build adaptive plans and track your most valuable KPI: revenue. Set, analyze, and adjust territories and quotas with real-time data to motivate sellers—even as plans change.

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Territory planning and modeling

Test and define territory hierarchies with territory modeling. Add, split, combine, and modify models or create territories based on geography, business units, product lines, industries, or named accounts. Move accounts from one territory to another or add new territories at the customer, opportunity, or account level.

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Predictive planning

Set targets with a data-centric approach to planning so you can adjust predictions as needed. Determine and assign the right prediction to the right territories using detailed insights.

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SmartView for Microsoft Office

Use familiar tools to tailor plans and processes to your selling practices. Access predictive planning capabilities in Excel or add live data links to PowerPoint with Oracle Smart View for Office.

Analyze and manipulate territories and act on evolving trends with detailed sales revenue models and what-if analysis.

sales planning quota planning chart

Cross-dimensional quota planning

Oracle Sales Planning assigns quotas across multiple dimensions—including territory, product, and account—and adjusts for products, accounts, time or seasonality, and risk factors.

Give sales reps the ability to propose quotas directly to managers and set quotas based on past sales, existing territories, and historical financials.

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Ramp up and profiling

Set predefined attributes for each group of reps based on their productivity, capacity, and experience to ensure you’re setting suitable quota targets.

sales planning commission modeling graphs

Commission modeling

Simulate compensation outcomes for targeted quotas with various what-if scenarios. Change target quota, attainment bands, headcount, and commission structure.

sales planning advanced forecasting data models

Advanced forecasting

Create accurate forecasts by connecting ERP actuals with pipeline data from your CRM. Adjust accuracy and ensure realistic, actionable sales plans with predictive planning and profitability metrics.

With advanced forecasting, managers and sellers can review weekly progress to keep sellers on track—reducing their frustration and employee turnover.

sales planning data insights and trends

Insights and analytics

Spend less time analyzing data and more time making forecasting decisions with insights into key trends, biases, correlations, and anomalies.

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Account segmentation

Prioritize opportunities by analyzing account data according to industry, revenue range, size, employee range, and status. Build segments according to market potential and assign accounts across the organization.

sales planning key account planning charts

Key account planning

Model and plan trade promotions for key accounts and products based on forecasts, what-if scenarios, and desired outcomes.

Perform gap analysis to test and select promotion options, then build your promotion with customizable blocks like pricing, placement, product, and more.

Provide sellers a single-view summary of key account data and promotion success with analysis dashboards.

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Learn more about Oracle Sales Planning

Improve planning, forecasting, and revenue generation by connecting critical data from finance and HR with your Sales Planning solution. Ensure sellers achieve their goals and capture performance data across the organization.