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Extend chat to popular messaging platforms

Expand your service channels to include the messaging platforms your customers use. Oracle Messaging leverages Oracle Service Chat to provide native integration to Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SMS, and other messaging platforms, so you can serve your customers in channels where they want to be served.

Both customers and service agents can chat using their default messaging applications. For customer service agents, the seamless integration of Oracle Messaging into their existing agent console gets them up to speed quickly. It also provides access to a range of productivity tools to improve how quickly quality responses get back to customers.

Extend chat to messaging platforms

Messaging—features and benefits

  • Resolve issues faster by offering customers and service agents the ability to live chat via a 2-way messaging app.
  • Improve agent and customer experience with support for text, pictures, videos, emojis, stickers, and more.
  • Deliver seamless service with secure routing of all messaging channels across different networks
  • Boost efficiency with access to agent productivity tools such as SmartAssistant1, a knowledgebase, and SmartText.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by giving your customers the level of service they want in their channel of choice.
  • Decrease the learning curve for customer service agents with a seamless integration into your existing agent console.

The value of digital customer service

Digital technologies have disrupted customer service. Your customers are now demanding to communicate through digital service channels and are more likely to remain customers if their questions can be asked and answered over their preferred channels.

With more than eight billion business and customer service–related messages exchanged (representing 4X growth year over year), digital messaging has quickly emerged as a requirement to meet customer expectations.

Most companies do have a presence on two or more messaging platforms depending on scale and reach. The challenge, however, is in integrating the conversations occurring on the various messaging platforms back into the customer service system, so agents have an accurate picture of the entire customer relationship.

Oracle Messaging

Oracle Messaging is a key component of Oracle Service. With Oracle Messaging you can use the live chat functionality within Oracle Service to provide customer service through social and messaging channels. Your customers can use their favorite messaging apps to initiate conversations with service agents and receive prompt, targeted responses to their inquiries. Pictures, videos, and emojis are all supported.

Once an agent accepts a messaging request, it is displayed on the agent desktop. Here, the agent can improve the speed and quality of responses to the customer by accessing productivity tools, such as comprehensive knowledgebase and SmartText.

Oracle Messaging currently provides native integration for Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and SMS. Support for other channels, including WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, will be available in upcoming releases.

Oracle messaging overview

How to set up your messaging channels in Oracle Messaging

It’s easy to set up your messaging channels in Oracle Messaging. Your messaging platform administrator simply needs to authorize Oracle Messaging to access customer messages on your behalf, and you’re good to go.

Setup messaging channels in Oracle Messaging

To differentiate chat and messaging experiences, site administrators can customize the system greeting and response messages to be unique to each channel. Messages from different messaging platforms can be routed to chat server queues where customer service agents can pick them up.

The benefit of an integrated customer service solution

With Oracle Messaging, you can consolidate customer service conversations across messaging channels into an integrated service solution. The seamless integration into the existing agent desktop makes it easy for agents to ramp up as you expand your service footprint. Oracle Service Chat and Oracle Messaging make it possible to connect with your customers and provide service on the channels where they want to be served.

Oracle Messaging is one of many features within Oracle’s omnichannel service cloud portfolio, delivering optimized agent and customer experiences.

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Additional Oracle Service capabilities

1 SmartAssistant uses business rules to automatically suggest possible answers to customers’ questions and queries. Agents can use SmartAssistant to search for answers in the knowledgebase that are related to an open incident or during a current chat/messaging session.