ERP Digital Tour: Modernizing Finance

Get a personal and hands-on experience at this tour with your own device.

ERP Digital Tour

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Complete cloud ERP with built-in artificial intelligence:

  • Predict, detect, and act on new situations
  • Automate and eliminate your manual business processes
  • Simplify and speed everyday work
  • Launch new business models, faster

Up-Close Experience at the Tour

  • Experience real-time insights and instant access to financial data virtually
  • Accelerate your financial close by automating account reconciliation, and other manual transactional processes
  • Strategize financial planning for all of your enterprise
  • Optimize working capital, leveraging ML/ AI technology

Engage conversationally with the digital assistant

  • Natural language understanding with built-in machine learning
  • Ability to collaborate seamlessly on any device
  • Pre-integrated with cloud applications granting user-specific access and experience
  • Increased productivity with on-the-go self-service transactions