Product Tour—Oracle HCM Communicate

Oracle HCM Communicate—a communication solution built for HR

Oracle HCM Communicate, part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform, is an employee outreach solution that enables you to design, track, and analyze targeted and personalized communications based on employee data managed in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM—all without depending on other teams.

Build campaigns to inform and support change

Build and plan communication campaigns, and coordinate sending messages at designated times for specific purposes, such as building awareness about organizational changes, encouraging participation in new initiatives, and promoting your workplace culture.

Send targeted messages for better results

Define your audience and ensure your messages are sent to the individuals and groups they’re most relevant to based on workforce data managed in Oracle Cloud HCM, such as location, role, and tenure. Eliminate the need for third-party communication tools that add complexity, time, and risk.

Design messages to drive engagement and action

Create dynamic, media-rich communications that drive behaviors that boost organizational success and help you gain insight into what matters to your employees. Embed links to external resources, recommended actions, and Oracle Journeys to provide additional guidance and support.

Drive higher responses rates

Reach deskless workers using SMS with targeted text messages to get more employees to open and read your communications.

Know the impact of your messages

Track and analyze who reads, responds to, and acts on your communications in real time. Drive higher response rates and better results with targeted follow-up emails, text messages, or both.

Build better employee experiences

Oracle HCM Communicate is part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform. Built as part of Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle ME enables you to deliver personalized employee experiences, communications, workflow guidance, and support, based on a rich understanding of every worker, to help your employees connect, grow, and thrive.