Oracle Human Resources Datasheet

Key features

  • Manage a diverse, global workforce using a single global person record
  • Employee and manager selfservice for HR processes from any device
  • Manage labor rules, collective agreements, seniority rules with a single, global solution
  • Model re-orgs, mergers, acquisitions, and new market entries with a simple, drag-anddrop tool
  • Comprehensive Position Management for organizational hierarchies
  • Best-fit analysis to identify most qualified workers
  • Automatic Grade Step Progression
  • Robust workflow, approvals and delegation engine
  • Predict performance and attrition of individuals and teams
  • Role-based dashboards with embedded analyticsInteractive visual organization charts
  • Real-time side by side worker and job comparisons
  • Localizations for over 200 countries and territories
  • Quick Actions and Smart Navigation
  • Leave and Absence Management
  • Benefits Management

Built-in extensions

Core HR has built-in extensibility to help business users extend the solution to suit their unique personal or organizational needs. The key to this ‘tailor-ability’ lies in the usage of metadata objects and services in the heart of the application architecture. Extension of the HCM application is made easy with FlexFields and the webbased Page, Process and Report composers.

Intelligence when needed

Core HR offers strategic intelligence and decision-support for all business users, from historical to current and predictions. The ability to analyze the historical trends, understand the impact of market changes to your current organization, as well as the ability to visualize the proposed changes to your organization helps organizations align their people with business strategy.

Oracle Human Resources goes beyond traditional HR tasks with a single, global solution that delivers better operational efficiency, increased productivity, and global excellence across all people processes. Built from the ground up on open standards, Oracle HR brings standard global people processes, interactive organizational charts, enhanced collaboration, document management, reporting and analytics, real-time notifications, as well as in-context predictions and recommendations to all business users through a simple and powerful HR solution.

Why a single person record is important

Oracle HR enables business users to make sense of their people data, align it with their business strategy, and take-action immediately to deliver better results. A simple and intuitive user experience guides business users in completing HR processes that are relevant to their specific roles. Using intuitive smart navigation and quick actions, business users are guided on how to complete HR transactions with minimal training on how to use the system. HR processes and dashboards can be configured based on the employee’s role in the organization, encouraging strong adoption among all users.

Organizations that implement Oracle HR have the flexibility to scale the solution up from small businesses all the way to meet the needs of large multinational organizations. Oracle HR is a single solution for organizations to manage their people more effectively-whether it’s individuals, employees, teams, contingent workers, or consultants, no matter what their work relationship is with the organization.

  • Manage a worker’s relationship with multiple legal employers, multiple assignments, or individual contractual agreements with great flexibility and ease
  • Manage a diverse workforce through multiple jobs, matrix management and employment contracts, all fully integrated across the HCM portfolio

Moving from compliance and tracking headcount to improving productivity

Oracle HR has the built-in flexibility and security to manage personal employee information such as compensation in the employee’s local currency, language translations, tracking of citizenship and visa information, and documents of record in over 200 countries and territories. HR organizations have clear visibility on their headcount and can deploy standard HR processes globally out of the box.

However, beyond just delivering localizations that are legislatively required in each country, Oracle HR delivers general best practices for the respective countries they operate in to meet culturally dictated norms. In addition, support for core organizational models as well as the ability to create and define specific information can be configured around legal employers to reflect your complex or simple organizational design.

Position management

Oracle HR has developed solutions to support flexible Position Management as well as strictly enforced Position Control. Headcounts and budget are managed by preventing workers from being placed in a position that does not have approved headcount. Managers can view the complete picture of their organization, filled positions, open positions, workers not in positions, from a single hierarchical view. In addition to the process, we also provide seamless synchronization of Positions and Assignments to ensure data integrity. Oracle Cloud HCM uniquely synchronizes the Position hierarchy ensuring that the supervisor hierarchy is never broken and line managers are automatically maintained.

Labor relations

Managing complex labor rules across an organization is supported with Collective Agreements and Seniority Processing Rules. These rules are managed centrally in HR and leveraged throughout other HCM processes to ensure accuracy in the application of the rules. In addition, performing required rate increases based on seniority can be done seamlessly using Automatic Grade Step Progression.

Workforce modeling

As part of Oracle HR, Workforce Modeling enables organizations to plan, model and execute organizational changes such as re-organizations, mergers and acquisitions, and new market entries, with a simple drag and drop tool. Currently, many HR teams need to manage highly manual processes to consolidate data before they can even model a specific change. By the time the data is ready, the model is already outdated due to changes in the workforce-rework is required to manage the error processing. Workforce Modeling provides organizations with a real-time view of their teams to support the most complex organizational changes with decision making and an approval framework built in.

Workflows and approvals

Oracle HR leverages a standards-based workflow service to deliver a robust Workflow and Approvals engine that enables complex rules and routings. Oracle HR delivers workflows out of the box which can be further configured as needed. Multi-level approvals may be defined based on supervisor or position hierarchies, and tasks may be accessed by emails or worklists.

Oracle Cloud HCM

A complete solution connecting every human resource process from hire to retire.