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Drive Profitability with Industry—Leading Analytics

Drill into profitability and risk-adjusted performance to make more timely, informed decisions that help you better manage your business. A best-in-class profitability analysis software that helps you view profitability from all angles, including customer, relationship manager, channel, product, and organizational unit.

Oracle Financial Services Profitability Management Solutions

Identify the most profitable customers, products, channels and segments

World-Class, Enterprise-Wide Analytics, Delivering Real-time Insights

World-Class, Enterprise-Wide Analytics, Delivering Real-time Insights

A single, transparent, account and transaction-level model sharing component building blocks across risk and performance applications breaks down silos using common customer- and ledger-level information.

A Flexible, Scalable Architecture Maximizing Productivity and Accountability

A Flexible, Scalable Architecture Maximizing Productivity and Accountability

Allocate costs across massive volumes of data incorporating both top-down and bottom-up approaches with full traceability, apply comprehensive calculations to determine cost of funds, option costs, and break charges against a fully reconciled, high quality data store.

Complete, Multidimensional Risk-Adjusted Performance Reporting

Complete, Multidimensional Risk-Adjusted Performance Reporting

The profitability analysis software give you a clear understanding of profitability, with visibility into all elements of the P&L. Develop a clear understanding of the line items that deliver the greatest impact on profit, and see how these trend over time. Make more informed pricing decisions and proactively manage your business.

AT&T creates P&L reports 40% faster with Oracle Financial Services

AT&T speeds up P&L reports and boosts work-life balance with Oracle Financial Services Profitability Management

“Vendors always promise that their solutions will accelerate processes. Oracle really delivered and then some. We’re completing fully allocated P&Ls on average 40% faster, consistently meeting service level agreements, and gaining time for valuable analysis.”

—David Jones, Director of Management Reporting, AT&T


Profitability Management Products

Assign cost of funds individually for base FTP rate, liquidity, optionality, basis risk, and pricing incentives

Oracle Financial Services Funds Transfer Pricing is the industry’s first matched maturity funds transfer pricing application. It enables financial institutions to determine the spread earned on assets and liabilities, and the spread earned as a result of interest rate exposure for each and every customer account. Gain an accurate assessment of net interest margin and profitability across customer, relationship manager, product, channel, and business line.

  • Industry-leading transfer pricing methods, including cash flow and non-cash flow methods covering the entire balance sheet
  • Flexibly assign transfer rates to individual customer relationships
  • Identify break events and calculate break costs
  • Develop a deeper understanding of option and liquidity costs
  • Extend funds transfer pricing into your forecast with asset liability management and balance sheet planning

Gain integrated, actionable insights for a comprehensive view of financial performance

The profitability analysis software allows you to quickly assess the profitability of new products and make necessary adjustments. Easily obtain a daily view of the costs allocated to managing individual portfolios of services for customers. Immediately respond to market realities and changing rates and reduce the lead time required to perform key analysis.

  • Accurately identify the most profitable products, lines of businesses, and organizations
  • Easy access to key management reports for better performance tracking and profitability management
  • Empower all business users with access to actionable profitability insight directly within operational processes
  • Track profitability trends and cost structures based on key dimensions
  • Conduct scenario analysis at an aggregated level to gauge profitability variations

Maximize customer profitability and enhance retention strategies

Provide customized products for your customers based on the existing relationship, engagement and performance with current products, consideration of new products, and key customer attributes. Effectively price banking products using a highly flexible and configurable enterprise-wide pricing optimization tool.

  • Utilize profitability metrics to set targets and goals
  • Flexibility to select different pricing methodologies
  • Conduct price review and subsequent re-pricing
  • Perform scenario analysis using profitability reports
  • Continuously monitor account performance to maintain deal profitability

Identify, monitor, and drive profit across multiple dimensions

Access deeper insights into customer relationships and financial performance of products, lines of business, and regions. Real-time actionable information enables you to measure and meet risk-adjusted performance objectives and cultivate a performance management culture through transparency.

  • Store reporting values in multiple currencies per the current transfer rates
  • Empower management with a top-down summary performance views and self-service capabilities
  • Leverage segment definitions, prebuilt reports, and dashboards for customer distributions
  • Utilize sophisticated predictive models enhanced with big data that apply customer web behavior for analysis
  • Optimize campaigns with metrics, including responses and customer distribution across target segments

Oracle Empowers CFOs Against Business Risks

Discover how quickly and effectively you can drive customer profitability amidst the global business threats and opportunities of today—using real-time analytics with Oracle Profitability Management solutions.