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Healthcare Industry Digital Transformation

Transforming the future of healthcare will be achieved by innovating and delivering high-quality patient care, while simultaneously reducing costs. Only Oracle Cloud can deliver tomorrow’s healthcare, today.

Oracle Cloud for Healthcare

Healthcare's Digital Transformation

The key for any healthcare organization is to enable patient-centered, value-based care with a unified and secure cloud solution. Oracle Healthcare cloud solutions support the complex needs of healthcare payer and provider organizations—and their patients—to improve outcomes. Oracle empowers healthcare organizations with the most complete industry solutions, along with unified ERP, finance, HCM, supply chain, and EPM cloud applications.

Enable Your Healthcare Transformation

In an ever-evolving industry, building a patient-first approach requires the ability to manage challenges in real time. Cloud technology provides the accessibility to data and insights—without the overhead. Oracle’s cloud solutions enable you to modernize and innovate so that you can:

  • Reduce per-capita cost
  • Increase clinician satisfaction
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Improve population health

Driving Healthcare Innovation

Break down barriers and open new pathways to unify people and processes. Oracle Healthcare solutions support data management and analysis, enabling you to reduce costs and positively impact outcomes.


Expedite merger and acquisition integrations, achieve economies of scale faster, and create cost efficiencies.


Only Oracle’s complete cloud for healthcare enables you to streamline financial and HR processes to maximize M&A integration efficiency; effectively execute on strategic plans and new market opportunities with world-class consolidated planning, budgeting, and forecasting; leverage the cloud to reduce costs; and achieve medical loss ratio (MLR) objectives.


Reduce per-capita costs, improve the patient experience, and increase clinician satisfaction.


Only Oracle’s complete cloud for healthcare enables you to understand the impact of cost and quality to reduce costs across an entire episode of care; recruit and retain a workforce aligned to patient needs while also improving clinician satisfaction; deliver new innovations, such as a patient-centered supply chain; and new virtual care delivery models.


Academic research organizations need complete visibility into grant and contract funding use, as well as facilitating the use of medical data to support the complete biomarker lifecycle from discovery to clinical use.


Oracle provides healthcare researchers the tools for both grants management and a comprehensive platform for translational research.


Oracle Healthcare Products

  • Healthcare Enterprise Resource Planning

      Drive accurate and agile plans across finance and lines of business, analyze profitability and cost management, accelerate the financial close, and improve operations decision-making with Oracle's ERP and EPM cloud solutions for healthcare.

    • Healthcare Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Healthcare Human Capital Management
  • Healthcare Transformational Cloud Technologies

      Build, deploy, integrate, secure, and manage all your healthcare cloud applications more efficiently with a comprehensive, standards-based combination of Oracle and open source technologies.

    • Healthcare Transformational Cloud Technologies
  • Oracle Healthcare Foundation

      Oracle Healthcare Foundation improves care and minimizes costs by aggregating and organizing data, so healthcare professionals can discover new insights and make better-informed decisions, faster.

    • Oracle Healthcare Foundation
Healthcare Enterprise Resource Planning
Elevate Healthcare with Oracle ERP Cloud
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Healthcare Customer Stories

Adventist Health logo

Adventist Health Transforms Shared Services with Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud, and Oracle HCM Cloud


Adventist Health 

We previously operated our 20 facilities independently. As part of the transformation, we centralized these into a shared service, allowing us to focus on efficiencies and standardization.
Matthew Savard, Director of Analytics, Financial Planning and Analysis Adventist Health
UW Health logo

University of Wisconsin-Madison Selects Oracle Cloud to Increase Business Agility and Optimize the Delivery of Healthcare Services


UW Health

To ensure we could continue to deliver the best-quality services as we grow, we needed agile systems that can quickly turn data into insight. Going forward, we will manage all of our HR, supply chain, and financial data on a single integrated platform.
Elizabeth Bolt, COO, UW Health
Defence Health logo

Defence Health Gains Workforce Insight with Oracle HCM Cloud


Defence Health

With Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, we improved our ability to source, recruit, and retain the right talents to support business growth.
Kelly Dickson, Head of HR, Defence Health
Glens Falls Hospital logo

Glens Falls Hospital Reduces Costs with Oracle Cloud


Glens Falls Hospital

It wasn’t hard to make a business case because the cost of our disparate systems exceeded the cost of a complete, single solution of Oracle HCM Cloud.
Kathy LaFond, Senior Director of Human Resources, Glens Falls Hospital

Unified Data and Analytics for Healthcare

The Oracle Healthcare Foundation unifies data across entire organizations to deliver a single source of truth, driving data-driven decisions, cost efficiencies, and a future built on innovation.


Healthcare Solution Resources

Infographic: Get Trusted Insights from a Unified Platform
Get Trusted Insights from a Unified Platform

With actionable analytics, you can provide your patients with the best quality of care—at a lower cost.

Data sheet: Cost Effective Healthcare
Cost-Effective Healthcare

Increase visibility across the entire episode of care for insights that reduce costs and improve quality.

White paper: Value Based Care and Balanced Analytics
Value-Based Care and Balanced Analytics

To meet the changing needs of healthcare, organizations need to adopt an analytics strategy with enterprise-level data aggregation.

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