The Changing Workforce

The Data Explosion

Database, Data Management, Big Data

The volume, variety, and velocity of data are unprecedented. In fact, 90 percent of all the data that currently exists was created in the last two years. And the bad news is, if you’re struggling to stay afloat today, you’ll find yourself drowning in data within the next few years.

Now, the good news. All of this data has the potential to transform your business in amazing new ways. Data can make your on-premises legacy systems more efficient, connected, and flexible. Informative data can accelerate decision-making and let you react more quickly to growth opportunities. Data can eliminate manual, redundant, or low-value activities. But only if you can harness and derive value from it.

See how your peers harness data to gain competitive advantage, and learn from the experts.

  • Employ best practices for managing data securely in hybrid and cloud environments.
  • Transform your business with effective database management and cloud platforms.
  • Redefine the customer relationship with actionable insights gained through big data.

Experts predict a 4,300 percent increase in annual data production by 2020. Ensure that your business survives—and thrives—in the coming data deluge.

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