The Changing Workforce

Unlock Growth with Oracle NetSuite

It’s no secret that today’s business environments are more challenging than ever. There are so many changes emerging, largely driven by new technologies, innovative business models, unforeseen competition, rapidly shifting consumer behaviors, as well as new rules and regulations governing data privacy and digital business. Companies need the agility to innovate; launch new products and services, deliver new revenue or business models, and access new geographical markets. There is no doubt the speed of change in almost every industry is accelerating. In these circumstances, companies need the flexibility to rapidly adapt to the changing industry environment.

Oracle NetSuite’s cloud-based business management solutions play a crucial role in helping businesses expand more easily and cost effectively, by giving your business the agility, flexibility and speed to adapt to changes and unlock your growth.

Join us at Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2020 where you will network with the Oracle NetSuite community, learn from others, hear from executives about the future of our platform and product, and hear from business leaders.

Sessions designed for you (real-time simultaneous translation will be available)