Mai Linh Group delivers superior customer service with Oracle Cloud ERP

Mai Linh’s move to Oracle Cloud ERP provides superior customer satisfaction by using a modern, SaaS-driven approach to drive innovation and growth.

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Starting off as a taxi company, the Mai Linh Group has morphed into a transport group and branched into other sectors. We did not want a legacy approach to stall our services, scalability, and customer-centricity. We moved to Oracle Cloud ERP to improve data availability, visibility, and decision-making.

Minh H. Nguyen , Marketing Director, Mai Linh

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Business challenges

Founded in 1989, Mai Linh Group began as a taxi company and today is a leading transportation company, boasting 30,000 employees and nationwide reach, with 20,000 taxis providing services across 63 provinces and 4 islands in Vietnam.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when travel was at a standstill, the company decided to tap its existing resources to branch out into diverse sectors such as insurance, logistics, and media. The company’s foray into new services meant that it had to reimagine the way its financial systems functioned and ensure scalability to meet the growing needs of the business. Also, the existing IT ecosystem was nearly opaque, with unclear visibility into critical data. This needed to change.

Mai Linh firmly believes in putting its customers at the center of the company's services, but existing legacy systems were incapable of empowering its business transformation journey. The group faced challenges aligning its services with the needs of modern consumers who are extremely tech savvy and prefer to engage with companies that are extremely customer focused and make services easily accessible via mobile applications.

Mai Linh Group selected Oracle Cloud to improve competitiveness, driven by technology-enabled business transformation.

Why Mai Linh Group chose Oracle

The business case for a move to Oracle Cloud ERP was bolstered by the realization among key stakeholders that a foray into different sectors and associated business growth was going to increase process complexity. Managing a nationwide fleet of taxis was already a complex task. The additional services meant Mai Linh Group needed the ability to manage data for different processes from a single platform—and one that would be accessible to everyone who needed it.

Also, the objective was to leverage Oracle Cloud ERP’s ability to enable artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automation of manual processes and help the group react to trends in real time.

Another key reason for moving to Oracle Cloud ERP was the company's focus on supporting modern business practices that not only automated existing business processes but also improved them with deep-seated, data-driven, analytical insights.

Mai Linh Group streamlined its taxi operations and reduced the number of operators required by 70%.


With Oracle Cloud ERP, Mai Linh Group now is reaping the benefits of clearer visibility into critical company data. For example, the solution provides real-time insights into the group’s revenue, helping to optimize revenue management. It also provides a detailed view of operational data that allows the group to effortlessly manage diverse operations.

In addition, the move to a cloud-based technological approach gives the group confidence that it has better control over an expanding portfolio of services, setting the wheels in motion for future expansion.

Access to real-time data and insights enabled Mai Linh Group to make strategic decisions that otherwise would have eluded the company. In one case, the group was able to prune the number of operators in Ho Chi Minh City and transfer them to higher-value tasks aligned with business growth. Originally, Mai Linh Group had more than 100 operators controlling fleet operations in the city. The work was manual, and operators spent a great deal of time managing 4,000-plus cars. Transitioning to Oracle Cloud ERP helped to automate this process, freeing up more than 70 operators, who are now assigned to critical back-office tasks.

Mai Linh Group is serious about sustainability as well. Post pandemic, the group is focusing on sustainable processes and attributes within its growth strategy. Clearer visibility into diverse data such as distance traveled by a taxi and fuel consumption allows the group to establish various campaigns that promote the company with sustainable operations, clearly differentiating Mai Linh services from those of their competitors.

Overall, Oracle Cloud ERP empowered Mai Linh Group’s growth efforts and delivered a competitive advantage via a successful digital transformation.


KPMG has been the local implementation partner for the group. For more then four years, Mai Linh has been working with KPMG, which provided data-driven, commendable service over the years.

Published :June 10, 2022

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