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Multiple factors are driving organizations to prioritize sustainability. Regulators, investors, customers and employees are pressuring organizations to reconsider their sustainability requirements and ambitions. Regulations are requiring organizations to meet emissions disclosure requirements. As the regulatory environment continues to evolve, a large-scale cloud platform can help enable organizations to proactively collect, manage and report their emissions data with confidence. To build toward future success, organizations should establish sustainability practices around people and processes and work to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) into the whole enterprise.

Exclusively from MIT Technology Review Insights: Integrating sustainability into business strategy

Webcast | Leadership Outlook: Integrating sustainability into business strategy

In recent years, stakeholder expectations have raised the visibility of enterprise level sustainability initiatives. Now, emerging laws and regulations around the world are establishing these initiatives as a C-suite priority. Forward looking organizations are leveraging technologies such as AI, cloud, and automation to gain competitive advantage as sustainability principles are increasingly integrated into all corners of the enterprise. This MIT Technology Review webcast features insights from Deloitte and Oracle sustainability leaders on how organizations can build enterprise level sustainability, maximizing existing infrastructure and generating value with technology, vision and collaboration.

Embrace sustainable transformation with confidence

Incorporating ESG throughout an organization can offer substantial benefits for an organization and may contribute to its lasting success. Deloitte's industry experience and methodologies can help your organization achieve its sustainability goals and embrace a sustainable digital transformation with Oracle application extensions. Whether you are starting a new transformation journey, already have a sustainability objective in mind or have already implemented Oracle technology and are looking to maximize your investments—Deloitte and Oracle can help accelerate your sustainable digital transformation.

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Build a sustainable platform for the future

Sustainable digital transformation

Is your organization ready to navigate the complex journey toward a more sustainable future? When you work with Deloitte and Oracle, you are creating a platform for acceleration, ideation, and transformation in your organization. You are harnessing deep industry experience, innovative technologies, and powerful solutions. The next big idea, the next iteration and the next competitive advantage are closer than you think with Deloitte and Oracle.

Deloitte and Oracle: delivering a sustainable digital transformation

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