Trending Topics: Conversations to drive success

What do the latest trends mean for you? Oracle and Oracle partners discuss the latest industry and technology trends, offer breakthrough ideas, and share best practices to help you to accelerate innovation, build business resilience, and drive future growth for your organization.

Redefining Talent Retention: Trends in Employee Experience

Leaders from Oracle, IBM, and WorkForce Software discuss talent management, offering insights on the Great Resignation, its impact on business, and the evolving needs of employees across remote, hybrid, and desk-less working environments.

Achieving Net Zero: Trends in Reducing Carbon Emissions

Leaders from Oracle, Accenture, and VMware discuss the global landscape of carbon reduction, offering insights on the latest trends, and sharing examples to help you to develop your net zero strategy and address your company’s carbon footprint commitments.

Cyberthreats: Trends in Cloud and Mobile Security

Leaders from Oracle, Deloitte & Touche LLP, and Zimperium Inc. discuss cloud and mobile security trends, offer insights, and share leading practices to help protect your organization and build business resilience.