Multicloud with OCI and Azure

Oracle’s partnership with Microsoft gives you more choices for multicloud architecture. Azure customers can now procure, deploy, and use Oracle database services running on OCI within the native Azure portal and APIs, giving them an OCI-in-Azure-like experience.

Služba Oracle Database@Azure je teraz dostupná aj v regióne východných Spojených štátov v prostredí Microsoft Azure

Služba bude dostupná v ďalších regiónoch v roku 2024, počnúc západným a stredným Nemeckom, juhom Spojeného kráľovstva, juhom Austrálie, východom Austrálie, východom Japonska, centrálnou časťou Kanady, juhom Brazílie, stredným Francúzskom, strednou časťou USA a juhozápadom USA. Presuňte databázy Oracle do cloudu a zaistite tú najvyššiu úroveň výkonu a dostupnosti pomocou databázových služieb Oracle bežiacich v prostredí Oracle Cloud Infrastructure nasadenom v riešení Microsoft Azure.

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Larry Ellison and Satya Nadella launch Oracle Database@Azure, bringing the highest level of Oracle Database performance, scalability, and availability to Azure customers.

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“Microsoft and Oracle just completely redefined what it means to be multicloud. In an unprecedented and truly unexpected move, Exadata and all of the Oracle Database cloud services, including the Autonomous Databases, running on OCI, are now colocated in Azure data centers. Azure users experience directly the power and benefits of Autonomous Database without any concerns of latency and ingress/egress fees. This is a game changer and walled gardens are over.”

Marc Staimer Senior Analyst, Wikibon

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Oracle Database@Azure

Combine your choice of Azure services with Oracle database services running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, colocated in Microsoft Azure data centers. Azure customers will be able to procure, deploy, and use Oracle Database@Azure with the Azure portal and APIs.

Oracle Database at Azure diagram
The diagram shows Azure customers will be able to procure, deploy, and use Oracle Database@Azure with the Azure portal and APIs.

Interconnect technology integration

By using Oracle FastConnect and Azure ExpressRoute, customers can seamlessly build a private interconnection between their OCI and Microsoft Azure environments. The Oracle Interconnect for Azure also enables joint customers to take advantage of a unified identity and access management platform that leads to cost savings.

Oracle Interconnect for Azure diagram
The diagram shows a Microsoft Azure region on the left and an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region on the right. An icon for a virtual network gateway in the Microsoft Azure region is linked to an icon for a dynamic routing gateway in the OCI region. The link is described in the diagram as “ExpressRoute + FastConnect.”

Oracle Database Service for Azure

Oracle Database Service for Azure is an Oracle-managed service for Azure customers to connect their Azure workloads to Oracle database services running in OCI. This service launched in 2022 and is available in all Oracle Interconnect for Azure regions today.

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Achieve Disaster Recovery and High Availability

Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Silver and Gold levels, Oracle GoldenGate, and Oracle Zero Downtime Migration are now available in Oracle Database@Azure. Learn more about the new reference architecture to help you implement Oracle and Microsoft best practices.

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