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Enable Digital Transformation with API Platform

Complete API Lifecycle Management solution that supports agile API development and makes it easy to keep an eye on KPIs. True hybrid API development on any cloud and on premises that is modern and adaptable, employing the most up-to-date security protocols.

Increated Agility

Increased Agility

Innovate quickly to increase efficiency and bump up your bottom line.

Greater Visibility

Greater Visibility

Have a clear view of your APIs and their performance.

Improved Security

Improved Security

Ensure the most up-to-date security policies are in place.

Product Features

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Platform: Design APIs

    Design-first Approach

  • Choose API Blueprint or Swagger to design your API and gain agreement with your stakeholders.
  • Accelerate Design with Templates

  • Help your team follow best practices with templates that bootstrap new projects.
  • Promote Collaboration

  • Quickly onboard your team with role-based access control over API documents for Admins, Editors, and Viewers.
  • Validate Before Coding

  • Use the automatically built mock test to validate the design before investing in code.
  • Design with Oracle Apiary

Platform: Build APIs

    Style Guide

  • Help your teams adhere to common REST and JSON standards through style-guides.
  • Policy Configuration

  • Using a low to no-code approach, policies allow you to define the behavior including SLA, routing, access control and more.
  • Streamlined Access Points

  • Create APIs on top of existing services to enable access to data formerly locked inside your monolithic applications and data stores.

Platform: Secure and Deploy APIs

    True Hybrid

  • Choose your gateway deployment in Oracle Cloud, Amazon or Azure, or on-premises, close to your back-end services.
  • Manage Access

  • ACentrally deploy, activate, deprecate and remove APIs.
  • Seamless Integration

  • Integrate with your existing enterprise identity management systems.

Platform: Publish and Consume APIs

    Best of Breed Self Documentation

  • Auto-generate your API documentation while your API is being developed.
  • Customizable Developer Portal

  • Present your developers with your customized developer portal where they can discover, learn and even test your APIs.
  • Rapidly Onboard your Developers

  • Provide access to your developers to consume your APIs but maintain complete control over access.

Platform: Monitor APIs

    Complete Visibility

  • Complete view of your APIs across clouds and on-prem.
  • Easy to Apply

  • View operation API metrics into a business/KPI context (coming in a future release).

Manager: API Management

    Create APIs

  • Create custom APIs to extract value from your service integrations.
  • API Discovery

  • The API Manager Portal allows developers to discover, understand and use APIs.
  • Secure APIs

  • Control access to APIs at runtime ensuring they are only accessed by authorized subscribers.

Manager: Deployment Portability

    Cloud or On-premises

  • Use the same integration tool for either cloud or on premises deployment for full portability.
  • Hybrid Integration

  • Use SOA Suite on premise and SOA Cloud Service to design a hybrid integration platform.

Manager: Infrastructure and Management Tools

    Automatic Provisioning

  • Save time and money with the rapid, fully automated provisioning of your Oracle SOA Cloud Service.
  • Management Automation

  • Manage your cloud service using purpose-built cloud tooling for administrative operations like backup, restore, scale out/in, or scale up/down.
  • Administrative Access

  • Full administrative access to the SOA server through a Web-based administrative consoles, and access to virtual machines using SSH.