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Oracle Sales Performance Management

Oracle Sales Performance Management offers advanced tools for incentive compensation, quota management, and territory management. Fueled by a strong data foundation and machine learning, the solution helps you increase revenue by aligning individual sales goals with your company’s sales strategy.

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Explore Oracle’s revenue transformation solutions

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  • Modernizing lead-to-cash for sustained profitability

    Learn more about transforming your organization’s lead-to-cash process.

  • On-demand webinar: Help sellers focus on the right actions

    Learn how to transform your sales processes to help your sellers focus on the right actions at the right time to win revenue.

Explore Oracle Sales Performance Management

Set balanced and optimized territories

Easily create territories based on geography, business units, product lines, industries, named accounts, and other factors.

Optimize sales coverage

No matter the number of factors used to define sales territories, easily run territory assignments and support all necessary requirements with powerful what-if analysis. Optimize coverage and increase results.

Balance territories

Improve your planning by balancing sales territories using advanced dimensions such as account scores.

Easily modify territories

Use territory proposals to expand into new markets or adjust territories based on business, market, or resource factors or other changes. Change happens, and having a flexible system that adapts to change is critical.

Connected quota management

Align sales quotas with company objectives, individual seller goals, and performance criteria. Set equitable and achievable targets based on the full revenue potential of your territories.

Advanced quota planning

Improve your pipeline results by calculating right-sized quotas based on accurate sales intelligence, not intuition.

Quota allocation

Flexibly allocate target quotas using top-down, waterfall, or bottom-up methodologies to make your quotas match your business requirements.

Adjust and modify quotas

Stay ahead of market, business, and team changes by planning around seasonality and using worst-case, best-case, and conservative what-if scenarios to compare to the base plan.

Connected quota management

Allocate quotas to territories and sales resources, compare forecasts to those quotas to monitor and track sales, and keep seller’s incentive compensation plans updated with any new or changed quota assignments.

Sales incentive compensation

Calculate variable sales compensation. Leverage unified customer data along with full ERP and HCM integration for accurate compensation crediting. Use a powerful what-if modeling tool to analyze compensation plan scenarios. Gain unique insight into how to motivate your team to reach sales goals.

Complete and accurate compensation

No need to gather and compile the data you need to accurately plan, administer, and pay out compensation. Plans, credits, and payments can work together across CRM and back-office applications in a complete, single suite with clean, structured customer data.

Scale complex variable compensation plans

Handle even the most complex and large-scale compensation plan structures, calculation rules, direct or overlay sales-credit allocation, and hierarchical roll-up rules.

Use cash and noncash incentives

Motivate sellers and generate more revenue with the right balance of cash and noncash incentives, while keeping sellers engaged through progress tracking and gamification.

Estimate compensation payouts

Encourage your sales team to keep opportunity data up to date, and prevent “shadow accounting” by providing complete compensation visibility as part of the quoting process.

Dispute management and resolution

Reduce the chances of disputes throughout the sales cycle with compensation visibility. If necessary, resolve disputes quickly and efficiently by using dispute management.

Sales performance dashboards

Dynamically track sales performance with verified data. Improve overall sales performance with contest and goal metrics within individual and team dashboards.

Oracle is the leader in revenue performance management

Oracle is an Exemplary Vendor, ranking first overall in the 2023 Ventana Research Buyers Guide for Revenue Performance Management (RPM) for the third consecutive year.

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Oracle Sales Performance Management

Hitachi Consulting Corporation improves sales rep productivity and ensures 97% sales forecasting accuracy

Key benefits of Oracle Sales Performance Management

01Maximize profits by automating and optimizing sales execution

Plan, manage, and monitor achievable quotas, territories, and compensation plans that are ready on day one with real-time data.

Making Sense of Territory and Quota Management (PDF)

02Motivate your sales team and align their goals with your strategic objectives

Motivate and retain sales talent and key partners with rapid payments, adapt to unexpected market changes, and adjust quotas and territories to drive revenue.

Take a short self-assessment to see if you’re on the path to sales success

03Improve sales efficiency and reduce errors

Reduce costly overpayments and compensation/territory disputes. Provide compensation visibility to sellers so they can focus on driving revenue.

Oracle named a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Sales Performance Management

March 10, 2022

Oracle ranks first in the 2022 Ventana Research Value Index for Revenue Performance Management

Annie Calfo, Product Marketing Manager, Oracle Advertising and CX

Revenue is one of the most common key performance indicators for any business, but it can also be one of the toughest to analyze and improve, particularly without a single source of truth to guide you.

Charting a path to sales success requires complete visibility into past results, current progress, and future outcomes—something that manual processes and disconnected legacy systems can’t effectively provide.

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