Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle customers and executives discuss cloud-driven transformation.
Cut Complexity, Cut Costs
  • Integrated systems are architected, integrated, tested, and optimized to work together—cutting complexity and eliminating costs. This results in easier deployment and upgrades, and more efficient systems management. View the infographic (PDF)
Lowest cost
Extreme Performance at Every Layer of the Technology Stack
  • Extreme performance means getting the job done faster, better, and more economically than it has been done before. It's the hallmark of Oracle's Engineered Systems and the ultimate embodiment of Oracle's drive to simplify IT. Read the article (PDF)
Extreme Performance
Simplified IT Speeds Up How You Do Business
  • Engineered systems are preassembled across every level of the technology stack. The integration work is done for you so new services come online quickly. Your IT team can focus on improving services and service levels—and adding value to the business. Read the HBR study (PDF)
Fastest Deployment

A Database Appliance that is Simple, Optimized and Affordable
A Database Appliance that is Simple, Optimized and Affordable
A Database Appliance that is Simple, Optimized and Affordable

Do more with less, simplify database management, and keep costs under control with Oracle Database Appliance. Check out the six ways organizations can make better use of data with an appliance.

Customer Success Stories
Insights in Data Security
Virtual Event: Insights in Information Security

Experience three TED-style presentations discussing the data security threats to enterprises today. This thought leadership event explores how enterprises are preparing for data breaches, the top security strategies being deployed today, and how new cybersecurity models are being used to protect critical data.

Customer Success Stories
Engineered for Innovation

Oracle is the #1 vendor for integrated systems with its Engineered Systems portfolio. Learn what differentiates Oracle Engineered Systems from other integrated systems and how they help customers reduce IT complexity so they can focus on business innovation. (1:46)

7-Eleven Powers the Digital Guest Experience with Oracle Engineered Systems
7-Eleven Powers the Digital Guest Experience with Oracle Engineered Systems

7-Eleven embarked on an innovation campaign to connect with customers through a digital guest experience. They leverage Oracle Engineered Systems to connect systems across 8,500 stores with 8 million daily customers. (2:23)

Engineered Systems: The Oracle Difference
Engineered Systems: The Oracle Difference

Learn how Oracle's Engineered Systems can help you cut costs, reduce complexity, accelerate innovation, and stay ahead of competition. (3:04)

Land O'Lakes Lowers TCO
Land O'Lakes Lowers TCO

Oracle Engineered Systems vastly outperformed competitors in both performance and cost/performance metrics. The speed of the implementation was critical in retaining customer satisfaction. (2:31)

— Barry Libenson, Former Senior VP and CIO, Land O'Lakes, Inc.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine

The highest-performing platform for running Oracle Database.
Exadata Database Machine

Oracle Exadata powers and protects your Oracle databases and is the ideal foundation for a consolidated database cloud.

Oracle Engineered Systems Cloud Services

Public cloud services delivered to your data center
Oracle Engineered Systems Cloud Services

Oracle Engineered Systems now offer three new cloud services for your data center: Oracle Cloud Machine, Oracle Database Cloud Exadata Service, and Oracle Big Data Cloud Service. The services are fully managed by Oracle, allowing you to take advantage of the innovation and agility of Oracle Cloud while also meeting data-residency requirements.

Oracle SuperCluster

Secure Cloud Infrastructure for Database and Application Consolidation

The fastest, most scalable Engineered System for Oracle Database and application consolidation provides the industry's strongest, most advanced security features coupled with the world's most cost-effective and secure cloud infrastructure.

Oracle MiniCluster

Simple, Secure, and Cloud-Driven

Oracle MiniCluster S7-2 is a simple and efficient engineered system designed to run enterprise databases and applications with uncompromising security.

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

One platform for all your applications.
Private Cloud Appliance

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, formerly named Virtual Compute Appliance, provides an easy-to-use platform to run all your Oracle and third-party applications.

Oracle Database Appliance

An easy-to-deploy and manage purpose built appliance.
Database Appliance

Oracle Database Appliance is simple, optimized, and affordable, and brings the benefits of Oracle Engineered Systems to all Oracle Database customers. The appliance supports Oracle Database Standard Edition, Standard Edition One, Standard Edition 2, and Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, and provides customers with a pathway to Oracle Cloud. Run consolidated workloads on premises and easily move them to the cloud and back.

Oracle Big Data Appliance

Get lower risk and faster time to value.
Oracle Big Data Appliance

Oracle Big Data Appliance is an integrated, optimized, and tuned system that delivers comprehensive and secure big data capabilities to the enterprise at a low TCO.

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud

Run business applications faster, sooner, and with less risk.
Exalogic Elastic Cloud

Oracle Exalogic delivers applications to your business with breakthrough performance for the widest range of workloads, while reducing cost and complexity.

Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine

Engineered for extreme analytics.
Exalytics In-Memory Machine

Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine provides speed-of-thought analytics with unmatched intelligence, simplicity, and manageability.

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Unparalleled cloud-scale database protection.
Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is the industry’s first appliance to deliver zero data loss protection for critical Oracle databases.

Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System

Extreme Performance for the Cloud
SAN Storage Systems

Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System is the most intelligent, efficient and economical flash storage, and is purpose-built to deliver the best data placement for cost, performance and business value.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

Leading performance, management simplicity, and unparalleled efficiency.
ZFS Storage Appliance

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance delivers enterprise-class network-attached storage capabilities to reduce cost, complexity, and capacity.

In the Spotlight

Tier1 Delivers Private Cloud with Virtual Compute Appliance


Virtualization Platform

Tier1 builds a private cloud virtualization platform to host its customers' Oracle Enterprise and Windows applications.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems


Oracle Named Leader

Oracle provides a precise equivalent to on-premises Engineered Systems in Oracle Cloud.

Achievement of our Engineered Systems Heroes


Become an Engineered Systems Hero

Find out how you can achieve heroic feats in your data center and the cloud with hardware and software engineered together.

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