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Latest Updates in Oracle Cloud ERP

Every 90 days we deliver the industry’s most advanced technologies to your applications so that you can modernize processes, automate manual work, increase speed, and spark innovation. Explore the latest updates below.

Video highlights from Oracle Live

Why Innovation Is Vital

Oracle SVPs Rondy Ng and Matt Bradley discuss digital finance transformation with SaaS technology and reveal how companies are rapidly expanding, optimizing systems, and innovating by leveraging Oracle's quarterly updates at the right time.

Accelerating with Innovation

Oracle Cloud ERP customers like Lyft, MTN, and Square, drive innovation and become more competitive in their markets by leveraging state of the art technologies from Oracle.

What's new in Oracle Cloud ERP

Procurement spend classification

New machine learning (ML) capabilities will help your procurement teams automatically categorize unclassified business transactions to provide greater insight into spending patterns. Prebuilt reports also provide visibility into machine learning accuracy, helping teams continuously improve line-item classification performance. Procurement professionals can now dedicate more time to making strategic purchasing decisions instead of just gathering and cleaning data. Automated, accurate spend classification enables customers to manage suppliers more strategically, increase negotiation performance, and reduce costs

Oracle Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR)

New adaptive learning increases the accuracy of invoice scanning and improves touchless processing. When users make corrections in the interactive IDR viewer, each invoice edit trains the machine algorithms and improves future recognition. Telemetry reports enable Payable users to see a significant increase in supplier invoice recognition rate due to continuous closed-loop learning. Customers can quickly onboard IDR and realize value while reducing manual finance operations.

Oracle Intelligent Performance Management (IPM) Insights

IPM Insights uses data science to help you identify anomalies, trends, and biases to improve forecast accuracy and provide actionable business performance insights. It analyzes large amounts of financial and operational data to identify and highlight patterns, many of which may not be immediately apparent to humans, such as a tendency to over- or under-forecast key metrics every period. This enables finance professionals to spend less time chasing and analyzing data, and more time acting on valuable insights and opportunities.

Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics

Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics is a prebuilt solution that leverages machine learning to help professionals across departments uncover underlying drivers of profitability, improve the use of working capital, and control business costs. Employees can analyze payroll and attrition trends using HCM and ERP data or monitor the procure-to-pay cycle with supply chain and finance data. In the latest update, Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics adds new spend and procurement analytics to its prebuilt library, allowing procurement and finance professionals to manage and improve spend operations.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Enterprise Journals

This new capability enables finance teams to streamline the creation, management, and posting of journal entries. Enterprise Journals automates and posts journals directly from Oracle Cloud EPM to Oracle Cloud ERP (or any existing ERP system), providing a single place to manage and track journals. Prebuilt templates and workflows streamline the journal entry process and reduce the potential for errors.

Risk Management and Compliance APIs

Now, best practice security rules can be analyzed prior to granting ERP access, helping to prevent inappropriate access as well as privacy or separation of duties (SOD) violations. Potential issues are detected in identity management workflows using a self-learning risk graph engine that is able to analyze complex security setups that would previously require full teams to review. This reduces risk to your business during periods of high employee churn without requiring additional resources.

We don't have to get approval for a big system upgrade to get new capabilities.
They're delivered every quarter, and we can turn them on as needed.

Jaime McConnell
Vice President and Controller, Chipotle

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