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Oracle GloriaFood: Free online ordering for restaurants

Take online orders for pickup, delivery, and tableside service from a simple, elegant mobile app. Update menus and pricing, and automate orders to the kitchen in Simphony Essentials POS. It’s all made easy with our all-in-one online ordering and restaurant management platform. Create your free GloriaFood account and start accepting online orders today.

Create your free account in minutes

Sign up, follow a few simple steps, and your restaurant will be ready to take online orders in minutes, for free. No order limits, no contracts, no commissions, no hidden fees—just smart online ordering built to help your restaurant grow.

Does your POS have these key features to help increase online sales and reduce costs?
Discover how the Oracle GloriaFood and Simphony POS integration can help.
Introducing the GloriaFood and Simphony POS integration

Introducing the GloriaFood and Simphony POS integration

The exciting integration of Oracle GloriaFood and Simphony Essentials POS provides a small business POS system with a complete digital restaurant management platform to increase online order sales, eliminate the need for restaurant staff to manually key orders into Simphony point of sale, and automate order data flow to the kitchen.

Automate your restaurant's business operations by populating and maintaining online menus from the point of sale. In the case of a menu item change, out of stock, or price change, the data only needs to be updated in Simphony (the POS).

Take orders from your website, mobile app, and Facebook

Take orders from your website, mobile app, and Facebook

Add GloriaFood's online ordering button to your website and you're good to go. Don't have a website yet? No worries. With just a few clicks, you can create your own restaurant website optimized to rank on search engines and create more online orders.

Reach more customers beyond your website. Launch your own branded mobile ordering app to keep loyal customers coming back, and go viral with a Facebook ordering system for your social followers. It just takes a few clicks with GloriaFood.

Manage incoming orders from your mobile device

Manage incoming orders from your mobile device

The moment your website, mobile app, or Facebook page takes an order, you'll be notified by the GloriaFood restaurant order taking app. Accept orders and notify your customers of delivery or pickup times at the touch of a button.

View order details in the palm of your hand. Each order displays your customer's menu choices, contact details, method of payment, delivery address, special instructions, and more. Easily send those details to your kitchen printer via WiFi, Bluetooth, or SMS.


“I recently switched my online meal ordering platform from a big company that was taking 13% of every order to your free online ordering platform. I am VERY PLEASED with your service—the ease of setup, functionality, multiple delivery zones, visually appealing layout, and format all for a GENUINELY FREE COST.”

Sandwich and pizza restaurant, Massachusetts, USA
Offer scheduled pickup, delivery, table reservations, and more

Offer scheduled pickup, delivery, table reservations, and more

Give your curbside pickup and delivery customers flexible ordering options during checkout. Offer an online restaurant reservation system to your dine-in guests. Pre-ordering options and table-side ordering with QR codes make contactless payment easier than ever.

Simply check the box next to the ordering methods your restaurant offers. GloriaFood will automatically add the selected ordering options to your website.

Boost revenue with promotions, coupons, and advertisements

Boost revenue with promotions, coupons, and advertisements

Create incentives for new and returning customers. GloriaFood's built-in marketing platform for restaurants helps you deliver online promotions and even printed flyers. Design your own content or build promos from a template to get them launched quickly.

Not exactly a marketing pro yet? GloriaFood can help you by combining your customer data with field-tested formulas to send the right offer at the perfect time. Send upsell incentives to new customers and discounts to long-time regulars—just as they begin to realize they're hungry.


“I've been using the GloriaFood ordering system since I started my Thai Take Away. My customers and I just love it. It's so easy to set up and our customers love it because it's easy to use and make orders. The support team is also worth mentioning—they are just super! Fast, helpful, and so understanding.”

Thai food restaurant, Asarum, Sweden
View analytics reports on sales, website performance, and more

View analytics reports on sales, website performance, and more

GloriaFood's reporting dashboards give you everything you need to watch your online ordering business grow. Measure performance at every step of the customer journey, from advertising performance to repeat order frequency. These built-in dashboards will give you a clear view of the big picture:

  • Promotion statistics
  • Google rankings
  • Website visits and funnels
  • Orders, table reservations, and sales
  • Delivery heatmaps
  • Customer details
Extend the power of GloriaFood with third-party integrations

Extend the power of GloriaFood with third-party integrations

Connect GloriaFood with the rest of your restaurant systems. Process order details in third-party platforms with the Food Ordering API, fetch the most current version of the online menu with the Restaurant Menu API, or write your own custom integration. The GloriaFood admin dashboard makes it easy to create unlimited custom integrations with a wide variety of partners. Popular API templates are also available, such as:

Free with unlimited online orders

Free with unlimited online orders

Restaurateurs know there isn't much room in the margins for commissions and fees. That's why this do-it-yourself online ordering platform is free, no matter how many online orders your restaurant receives. GloriaFood's free plan comes with everything you need to offer online ordering on your website. Optional premium services are also available at a low, fixed monthly price.

Try a free demo from your mobile device

QR code for free demo

No signup required

Our live demo of the GloriaFood platform will quickly show how easily your customers will—in just a few clicks from their phone, tablet, or computer—be able to order their food, book a table, and join you to enjoy a delicious meal.

Sign up for free. Start taking orders in minutes.

Setup is quick, easy, and full of options designed to make GloriaFood the perfect fit for your restaurant. Join over 25,000 restaurants already using GloriaFood to bring online ordering to their happy customers. Sign up for free today.