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Oracle OpenWorld 2018
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Go and Grow with confidence
GO and Grow with Confidence

Get time-tested cloud strategies for growing SMBs.

Stay ahead of the curve
Stay Ahead of the Curve

Five trends that will affect growing SMBs.

Cloud Delivers 2.1x more ROI
Cloud Delivers 2.1x More ROI

SMBs enjoy 24 percent higher ROI since 2012.

Better Manage Your SMB’s Growth

As a high-growth small-to-medium business (SMB), you are unique. You cannot play by the same rules as the corporate giants. You have to not only support growth, but sustainable and profitable growth. As you transition to different phases―from startup to mature, established company ― your priorities will constantly shift. Your one constant, however, will be making the right decisions. This helps you identify your current business issues, manage through them, and maintain a strong foundation for growth. Oracle’s SMB cloud solutions provide what you need to do just that. Our flexible, scalable SMB solutions allow you to:

  • Act decisively with at-a-glance access to financial data, reporting, and more
  • Effectively manage your sales funnel, speed your sales cycle, maximize sales channels, and profitably leverage your current customer base
  • Source, recruit, and retain top talent while managing employee costs and career development
  • Eradicate complexity and propel your SMB successfully through the growth curve

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“Seventy-five percent of our 400K+ customers are actually small-to-medium-sized businesses. We believe that small-to-medium businesses have to get the opportunity to harness this technology at the lowest possible entry point.”

- Safra Catz, CEO, Oracle
Learn how customers are using Oracle Cloud to transform their business.

Finance Finance

Improve Your Finance Team’s Effectiveness to Boost Growth
Improve your finance teams effectiveness

Accessing accurate financial data levels the playing field. When you can plan and execute quickly, you can outmaneuver larger competitors.

Customer Experience Customer Experience (CX)

Deliver the Experience Your Customers Want―When They Want It
Delivering the experiences customers want

Happy customers are profitable customers and strong brand advocates. Maximize all sales and support channels and rise above the competition.

Human Capital Management (HCM) Human Capital Management (HCM)

Find and Retain Talent – The Key to SMB Growth
Finding and Retaining Talent

HR plays a crucial part in long-term success. When you’re able to quickly acquire and retain the right talent, high growth follows.

Technology/IT Technology / IT

Eradicate Complexity and Promote Success as Your SMB Grows
Promote success as your SMB grows

Growth puts pressure on SMB resources. Boost agility, scalability, and innovation with the right cloud technology and infrastructure.

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